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Women’s Guide For Growing Weed


Women’s Guide For Growing Weed

Growing Cannabis For Women

Since you’ve clicked this guide, we assume that you’re not a growing expert and that you’re a lady. We’re glad you took the steps to further your growing knowledge and prove to all those dudes out there that marijuana is a women’s game as well.

Step 1: Seeds With The Best Sounding Name (Or Seeds That Will Grow The Plant You Desire)

Women's Guide For Growing Weed

Seeds will give you the plant that is precisely right for you. So if you want a plant that smells like tropical flowers or cannabis that makes you high as BALLS, you have to pick the seed that will grow into that plant.

For all your lady seed purchases, we recommend Gorilla Seeds.  Mainly because they offer feminized seeds, which means that your seeds will grow into a beautiful, strong female cannabis plant.

G Seeds also has been associated with medicinal marijuana meaning that these seeds will give cannabis that is high in THC. These medicinal strains will be robust enough to get rid of any pain, including that time of the month pain.

Step 2: Find The Cutest Growing Container That Will Get The Job Done, But Still Be Cute

Women's Guide For Growing Weed

As a lady, you don’t want your plant to grow in an ugly container. But on the flip side, you also don’t want your plant to die. The best size for your container is around 5 gallons, with drainage holes in the bottom so that the water can escape.

This means that you could pick anything your women heart desires. Bucket with hearts, yes. Fabric bucket with hearts, yes. Just make sure that it sticks to the 5 gallon and holes rule because you don’t want your plant to be sitting in soggy water.

That’s not cute at all, and the excess water could damage the plant.

Step 3: Use Awesome Soil 

Women's Guide For Growing Weed

The soil is the key to growing a strong and healthy female plant. Look for soil that has added nutrients that include: coco fiber, compost, peat moss, and kelp meal. You don’t have to get fancy; even store bought soil will do.

However, stay away from any soil that uses adjectives like, “extended” or “slow” because it will offset the plant’s growth. Remember this plant is durable but needs the best foundation.

Step 4: Put The Seed In The Soil 

Pay attention women! Be careful with seed as you place it in the soil, which is in the pot. Make sure that the seed is around 1 inch deep in the soil. Then water the plant. Don’t drown the plant, just put enough water on it so that the soil is moist.

Step 5: Keep It Moist And Wet

Sorry for the title, but keep your baby’s soil moist and wet. You want to make sure that your new little canna sprout won’t dry out.


Once your little muffin of a cannabis plant has grown leaves, you have to start giving it the light it deserves. Light is the most important feature of cannabis cultivation, so remember that your little guy needs 18 whole hours of light to grow.

So no you can’t just put it outside next to your tulips, there isn’t that much sunlight in the day. Your femme mind has to get a little creative.

This is also the most tedious part of the process for us ladies, so you have to be patient. If you give your plant the light it needs, it will start to bud in a few months as it makes roots into the soil. Yes, months, not days. So keep up the light and water, and wait. Maybe with a bottle of wine as it buds.

Step 7: Feed The Plant Like How You Want To Be Fed

The cannabis plant is hungry. Do not let it get hungry. The easiest way to make your canna plant grow right is to buy particular plant food for the needs of your plant. Try out this marijuana booster that will be easy and won’t make you play the game of, “What the hell do I feed this thing?” We’re not all horticulturists, bruh.

Step 8: Nurture The Plant With All Of Your Heart

As the plant starts to vegetate, you need to give it all your love and affection. There are a key few factors that you should adhere to during this long and particular time. Follow these quick tips ladies:

  • Don’t drown the plant. Before watering the soil, make sure that the top layer is COMPLETELY dry. COMPLETELY DRY if you didn’t hear it in the back row.
  • The plant should be growing in a warmer and summer time temperature, a.k.a around 80 degrees F.
  • Continue to keep the light on the plant because it needs it to grow. And it because it’s a star.
  • Remove any mold, fungus, or spots that look not like the rest of the plant. This could infect the plant and cause it to die, but once removed the plant will continue to grow.

Step 9: Make The Plant Pretty

This step is what will make those beautiful cannabis leave grow and will trigger the flowering process. Once your plant is big enough, you’re going to want to lower the amount of light that the plant is getting so the flowering process can occur.

Flowering occurs when the plant is exposed to a day and night. To keep it simple, try 12 hours of light and 12 hours of no light.

Step 10: THE FINAL STEP: Harvest The Plants 

By this step, you can call yourself a lady farmer, (daisy dukes required). So when you’ve noticed that your plants have produced buds, it’s time to harvest those babies.

Cut the buds off the plant, by cutting away from the plant itself. If there are any remaining leaves or stems, simply cut those off. Hang these buds upside down for a couple of days and you check to see if only the stems are breakable or bendable. This means that you can cure the buds.

Curing the buds is essential for getting the best flavor and also means that you get to whip out your super cute mason jars. Win win. Place all of the dry buds into the mason jars and tightly screw on the lids to lock out any moisture.

Keep your cute little jars, filled with your baby weed in a dark place, until the buds become sticky and flavorful.

With that last step, YOU ARE A MARIJUANA GROWER! You’re finally able to light up some of the buds that you put all your lady love into. This female cannabis plant will be making all the other cannabis plants jealous with how amazing both you and she are.

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