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5 Creative Ways To Ingest Marijuana

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5 Creative Ways To Ingest Marijuana

Some people don’t like to smoke or can’t smoke for medical reasons. Fortunately, there are now several ways to ingest marijuana without smoking it.

4. Topicals

5 Creative Ways To Ingest Marijuana

Eating and inhaling aren’t the only ways to ingest marijuana. It can also be absorbed through the skin via cannabis-infused topicals.

For example, any infused lotions, balms, or oils placed on the skin will be absorbed and deliver relief from pain and inflammation.

This method isn’t recommended for recreational use. Topicals are usually made with such a small percentage of THC that no high is provided.

The reason is that topicals penetrate the skin to reach CB2 receptors, but they don’t reach a blood stream. A transdermal patch would have to be applied for cannabinoids to reach the bloodstream and get an individual high.

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