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Here Are the 10 Best Weed Friendly Colleges in the US

Here Are the 10 Best Weed Friendly Colleges in the US


Here Are the 10 Best Weed Friendly Colleges in the US

If you want to maximize your “higher” education, you need to know where to find the most weed-friendly colleges and universities. The list below will help you figure out the top 10 schools for cannabis use. We’ll also tell you which schools are the least open to marijuana so that you can steer clear of them.

10. Pitzer College — Claremont, CA

Pitzer College is a small, private liberal arts school east of Los Angeles. Given its proximity to one of the most famous pot-smoking cities, and the fact that it’s a liberal arts school, it’s not at all surprising to see Pitzer College on this list.

9. Colorado College — Colorado Springs, CO

Although Colorado Springs has a reputation for being a somewhat conservative town, it’s still in Colorado. And that’s means a lot of weed-smoking. If you’re a college student, Colorado College is one of the best places to get your Rocky Mountain High.

8. University of California-Santa Cruz — Santa Cruz, CA

If your idea of relaxing after a long day of class and studying involves getting high and hitting the beach, then UC-Santa Cruz is one of your best bets.

7. The University of Colorado-Boulder — Boulder, CO

Boulder is one of America’s legendary, almost mythical, cannabis cities. And judging by CU’s massive 420 smoke-out, which happens every year right in the middle of campus, the city is living up to its reputation.

6. Green Mountain College — Poultney, VT

According to its website, “‘Being green’ is not just a fad at Green Mountain College.” Technically, they’re referring to the school’s curriculum, which has been built around building environmental sustainability. But we’re pretty sure the “greenest” thing about going to school here is how much ganja its student body consumes.

5. Evergreen State College — Olympia, WA

Situated in one of the four states where recreational marijuana is legal, Evergreen State College is a great option for bud smokers interested in spending some time in the Northwest.

4. University of Vermont — Burlington, VT

The University of Vermont is the second school from The Green Mountain State to make this list. And that’s no coincidence. Vermont has the highest percentage of pot smokers in the entire U.S.

And lawmakers there are currently working on a bill that could legalize recreational marijuana. If the bill passes, Vermont will be the first state to legalize cannabis entirely through the legislative process.

3. Eckerd College — St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg is situated right on the water on the western coast of Florida. And although Florida as a state might not be the most friendly when it comes to things related to marijuana, Eckerd College has become a haven for pot smoking college students.

2. Skidmore College — Saratoga Springs, NY

Although recreational marijuana isn’t legal in New York, the top two schools on our list are both located there. Skidmore College is a small liberal arts school known for a student body devoted to Birkenstocks, frisbees, vegetarian eating, coffee, and of course, cannabis.

1. Ithaca College — Ithaca, NY

And coming in at number one on the list of the most 420-friendly colleges is Ithaca College. This relatively small school is basically the pot-smoking younger sibling of Cornell, which is located just down the road. Surrounded by the incredible scenery of the Finger Lakes and its famous gorges, Ithaca College has become a destination for college kids interested in a little “extra-curricular activity.”

The Least 420-Friendly Colleges and Universities

Now that you know the best schools for marijuana, here are the ones you should avoid:

  • The United States Coast Guard Academy — New London, CT
  • Brigham Young University — Provo, UT
  • United States Military Academy — West Point, NY
  • United States Naval Academy — Annapolis, MD
  • Thomas Aquinas College — Santa Paula, CA
  • The United States Merchant Marine Academy — Kings Point, NY

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