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Can Cannabis Make You A Better Parent?

Can Cannabis Make You A Better Parent?


Can Cannabis Make You A Better Parent?

There has been some controversy over the idea that cannabis can either make you a good or bad parent. With more and more parent marijuana smokers on the rise in the United States, is it possible that cannabis make you a better parent?

Today, about 10 % of the United States adult population are regular marijuana smokers. This is almost double the amount of marijuana smokers that were on record in the early 2000’s. This means that the people who are smoking the most marijuana in this country are among ages that are normal for having children, 25 to 30 years old.

This growth in users, specifically the age of the user, is also changing the social stigma that people have against cannabis. As medical marijuana is legalized across the country more people, including parents, are benefiting from their medicinal uses.

To fight this negative myth, the co-founder of the Family Law and Cannabis alliance Sara Arnold states, “Marijuana does not make someone a bad parent. It should not be the primary or sole basis for any Child Protective Services Investigation.”

The Family Law and Cannabis Alliance was created with the sole mission of trying to give education about marijuana use and family law. The FLCA also provides non-legal advice and legal referrals if someone is experiencing trouble with Child Protective Services, CPS, over their medicinal marijuana use.

The FLCA is simply an active group that is trying to show that medicinal marijuana use does not account for bad parenting.

In a more controversial example, a group of women from Beverly Hills are having cannabis infused dinner parties monthly to discuss the benefits of smoking cannabis and parenting.

One woman of the group, Cheryl Shuman states, “When I use cannabis, quite frankly it does make me a better mom. Because I’m calmer. I’m more rational. I’m not angry. I’m not stressed.” Shuman began to cook with cannabis after being diagnosed with cancer, and hosts the dinner parties for other women with medical problems.

January Thomas, another member of the mother’s group, smokes marijuana up to five times a day to try to become a more creative and better parent.

The great thing about this group of ladies is that they are all open and honest with their children about their medicinal practices and cannabis use. There is no “taboo” when it comes to talking about cannabis which makes it more of an open parent relationship.

Thomas even explains her cannabis use, which is used for her early onset arthritis to her kids through a storybook. This is the perfect way that she can help her two year old understand the great medicinal benefits of cannabis.

These moms have proven that by using cannabis to help with medicinal purposes and being open about your use with your children makes you a better parent. You just have to be open and honest with you kids.

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