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Can Green Tea Help You Pass A Drug Test?

Can Green Tea Help You Pass A Drug Test?


Can Green Tea Help You Pass A Drug Test?

Can Green Tea Help You Pass A Drug Test?

If you’ve been enjoying the green and have a pop pee quiz, you may need to ask: can green tea help you pass a drug test?

Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours to go, and unlike The Ramones in their song, you aren’t sedated. In fact, you’re freaking out, looking for a quick fix to clean up that urine for a drug test. Maybe it’s for a new job. Or perhaps you’re not obeying the pesky mandates of your probation which cater to catch that THC in your system. Either way, you need a miracle. Googling will help you to find what others on the internet claim is their holy solution—the end all be all to cleanse your system of cannabis. You want something natural, something undetectable, something you can withstand consuming in large quantities all night before you report to HQ to pee in a cup. Plenty of sites in that Google search will recommend massive amounts of green tea and water to clear the THC from your body. But really, can green tea help you pass a drug test?

All About Green Tea

Can Green Tea Help You Pass A Drug Test?Can Green Tea Help You Pass A Drug Test?

It’s true. Green tea gets credit for treating the body to a host of benefits. It’s complete with antioxidants, especially catechin which helps to ward off cancer and other diseases.

Caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine work to enhance brain function for the tea-drinker, providing a more mellow substitute for coffee. Green tea has also been known for promoting weight loss and improving memory and cognitive function.

But even something this good has some negative qualities.  Too much caffeine from green tea consumption can challenge the bones because caffeine inhibits calcium absorption.

Furthermore, the beverage can also limit the bioavailability of nonheme iron so your body stops absorbing this important nutrient.

Not to mention, green tea can interact with prescribed medications. These interactions may interfere with your main goal: to detox that body of THC.

Drug Tests and Green Tea

Can Green Tea Help You Pass A Drug Test?

Most people who click on this article are looking to clear their system of THC. They’ve spent the last month getting baked.

Now they’re finally ready to submit to the “real world”, wrestle their neck into a tie, and tuck in their shirt only to squander their day in a cubicle.

However, green tea has been a common tool for those looking to pass other types of drug tests.

In the 2012 London Olympics, a study found that green tea could hide testosterone use in Olympic athletes’ drug tests. Unlike those reading this, these athletes weren’t fretting about their pee not because they had been doing reps on their bong.

For them, the question “can green tea help you pass a drug test?” mattered only to mask their increased testosterone, which aided them in events.

In fact, green tea does lower testosterone levels, according to one study done in Brazil. The athletes could T-up, and then up their intake of green tea so that their urine came back clean.

Unfortunately for them, officials became hip to their camouflaging.

Those officials weren’t the only ones aware of this trick. Those in the labs know the tricks those being tested might try. Not to mention, tea can contain traces of other substances that might contribute to a false positive on a urine test.

Sadly, the most that consuming a large amount of green tea will do is dilute your sample. It won’t change the chemical make-up of it, especially in a shorter time frame. What remains essential to clear your system is still time, abstinence, and healthy cleansing.

Be Successful at Passing a Drug Test— Don’t Use Green Tea

Can Green Tea Help You Pass A Drug Test?

Answering the question “Can green tea help you pass a drug test?” is simple. No, not by itself. Especially if your test is tomorrow and you’re only starting your green tea and water regimen today, green tea will not clear your pee of THC.

Additionally, if your test is a hair follicle or saliva test, the likelihood that a treatment of only green tea will help is even lower, even if you start sooner than the day before.

The best way to cleanse your system of THC requires you start as early as possible. Learning what type of test it will be, how long THC will stay in your system, and discontinuing THC use will help begin your detoxification process.

A master cleanse can help, depending on the levels and time frame you’re working with.

Green tea may have a ton of benefits for those that drink it. It just isn’t the miracle solution for passing a drug test, no matter what internet forums might tell you.

Final Hit: Can Green Tea Help You Pass a Drug Test?

Green tea may not be the route to achieving that clean pee you need to pass a drug test. And if you really want to pass, it’s best to avoid other quick fixes too.

They might end up as one of the cautionary tales on the internet your friends void in order to pass their own tests.

Instead, follow this guide to ensure your pee passes with flying colors when tested for THC.

And save your tea drinking for when it can be perfectly paired with cannabis.

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