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Cannabis Absinthe is Real and Here’s Where You Can Find It

Cannabis Absinthe is Real and Here's Where You Can Find It


Cannabis Absinthe is Real and Here’s Where You Can Find It

What is cannabis absinthe?

Historically, absinthe is described as a distilled, high in alcohol beverage that many believe to have psychoactive properties. Unlike cannabis absinthe, traditional absinthe was not bottled with added sugar making it a spirit, not liquor. A mix of botanicals could be found in the absinthe including wormwood, anise, and fennel. Absinthe originated in Switzerland in the late 18th century.

The popularity of the drink began in the late 19th century to early 20th century France, especially among artists and writers. Absinthe was referred to as the “green fairy” because of the liquids green color and reports of hallucinogenic effects. Great artists like Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, and Edgar Allan Poe were all known absinthe drinkers.

By 1915, absinthe was banned across the U.S. because the spirit was often portrayed as an addictive psychoactive drug and hallucinogen. The chemical inside absinthe believed to be responsible for hallucinations is called Thujone. However, modern research has found that there were only small traces of thujone, even in pre-banned bottles of absinthe. So it was unlikely to be responsible for reported hallucinations.

Much like marijuana prohibition once the U.S. banned absinthe the rest of the world followed, and absinthe fell off the market for most of the twenty-first century. Even though absinthe was seen as more harmful to the public, recent studies revealed that the harms associated with absinthe had been exaggerated.

Research does not show absinthe as more dangerous than any other bottle of spirit. Absinthe started making its return in the 90’s after the European Union food and beverage laws lifted barriers on the production of absinthe. Since then you may have heard a friend talk about trying absinthe during their trip to Europe. Apparently, Cannabis Absinthe is also legally available in parts of Europe.

Where can you get cannabis absinthe?

Cannabis Absinthe is Real and Here's Where to get it

There are some cannabis absinthe brands, but if you’re looking to try one, you’ll need to plan a euro trip. The Antonio Nadal absenta cannabis brand is available in the U.K. and Spain. The absenta cannabis bottles contain wormwood like traditional absinthe. Other brands in Germany include wormwood, anise, hops and a high alcohol content.

Will cannabis absinthe get you high?

Unfortunately, cannabis absinthe will not get you high, and it has no THC or cannabis content. The name comes from the alcoholic beverages cannabis-like aroma and flavor. The cannabis smell and taste likely come from hops, which has similar organoleptic properties to the cannabis plant. Organoleptic properties are aspects of food that one experiences with their senses like smell and taste. The alcohol content is about 140 proof depending on the brand, so you’ll still get chocolate wasted even if it doesn’t get you high. 

Final Hit

If you were hoping to get high off of cannabis absinthe, we’re sorry to disappoint, but there are other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that can get you high. During a religious festival called “Holi” in India, a drink called bhang that contains cannabis is consumed, and it is a natural intoxicant. However, bhang does not contain alcohol. If you were looking for a beverage that has both THC and alcohol content you can surf the web for “Green Dragon” recipes that’ll get you drunk and high.

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