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How Cannabis Can Turn You Into A Girl Boss

How Cannabis Can Turn You Into A Girl Boss


How Cannabis Can Turn You Into A Girl Boss

Cannabis has many different medicinal uses, including social and mental herbal remedies. If you’re questioning your awesomeness as a female, you might be able to find some inspiration in cannabis. Let science prove to you that marijuana can turn you into a girl boss.

In the workplace, women have somewhat of a bad rep. They are either seen as too controlling or not stepping up their game enough.

How Cannabis Can Turn You Into A Girl Boss

If you find yourself introverted or lacking creativity cannabis is the choice for you. Shy ladies find that networking or the small talk aspect of work incredibly annoying, but also intimidating.

For the increase in social ability and social skills with others, the girl boss should try a cannabis that is either a sativa dominant hybrid or a pure sativa. These strains, such as Silver Haze or Lemon Jack will improve energy and give the smoker a talkative nature to dominate any and all networking events.

How Cannabis Can Turn You Into A Girl Boss

Girl bosses are also incredibly creative and think outside of the male working box. Did you know that companies like Eventbrite were created by women and had female CEO’s? There’s no better way to step up your creative thinking than by using cannabis.

When smoking marijuana, the mind produces psychotomimetic symptoms, which are forms of divergent thinking or “creative thinking.” This state of mind is known to give way to new ideas created from exaggerated emotions or different perspective thinking.

To increase creative thoughts, girl bosses should try pure sativas with a high THC content. Girl bosses should work a strain like, Silver Kush, which promotes creativity while also depleting stress. This type of strain also gives the smoker an intensely focused energy, without paranoia or anxiety.

How Cannabis Can Turn You Into A Girl Boss

Cannabis also is a natural remedy for stress, which is needed in the life of the girl boss. Being a girl is hard, but trying to be a boss is even harder.

Science has proven that cannabis naturally depletes the effects of anxiety by delaying the receptors in our brain that control fear.

Whether it be after a long day of creating a company or just working in the office, every girl boss needs to unwind and let go of that added stress.

For stress and anxiety relief, try a pure indica strain with a low THC content. The strain should have a high amount of CBD, which counteracts the stress that is produced from THC.

These indica strains, such as Romulan or Mr. Nice will promote a good night’s rest and stress-free slumber after a hard day of being a girl boss.

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