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Chapel Gives Couples A ‘Weeding’ Instead of Wedding

Cannabis Chapel Gives Couples "Weedings" Instead of "Weddings"


Chapel Gives Couples A ‘Weeding’ Instead of Wedding

Will you be in my weeding?

The Cannabis Chapel is the first cannabis-themed chapel in Las Vegas. And it doesn’t just give people weddings, it gives them a one of a kind “weeding.”

The Cannabis Chapel had its very first weeding yesterday on 4/20. The happy couple was Natalie and Lee Rice, who traveled in from Phoenix, Arizona to get weeded.

For them it was a chance to celebrate not only their love for each other but also for the important role cannabis plays in their life as a couple.

Natalie suffers from serious back problems and said that medical marijuana is the best solution she’s found so far.

“I tend to get angry and it can cause problems in our relationship, but it helps to the point where we are able to be happy together,” she said.

And Lee works with kids who have seizures. He said that he’s seen firsthand the way that medical marijuana can offer people alternatives to prescription painkillers and other pharmaceutical drugs.

At their weeding, the Cannabis Chapel was decked out with cannabis decorations. Natalie carried a cannabis bouquet and Lee wore a boutonniere of pot leaves and buds.

Natalie and Lee’s weeding was officiated by a minister from the Higher Power Cannabis Church. He matched the chapel’s decorations by wearing a cannabis leaf-patterned suit.

But cannabis is more than just a trendy decoration theme at the Cannabis Chapel. It’s a way of life.

The Higher Power Cannabis Church officiates the weedings. It describes itself as a congregation that seeks “inspiration and insight from all major world religions.”

“Through our shared search for a HIGHer power,” the church’s website says, “we have come to believe that cannabis is a miracle plant with many therapeutic and medical benefits.”

The church’s minister who performed yesterday’s weedings said that cannabis is the perfect symbol for marriage.

Cannabis Chapel Wedding:

“There’s a lot of similarities with how the cannabis grows and how a union is performed,” he said.

“Because you’re looking at the combination of a male and female plant in order to get the proper buds from the cannabis. At the same time when you’re having a wedding you’re looking at a union of two people who are going through life together.”

The only potential downer for cannabis loving couples looking to get weeded is that so far there’s not any real marijuana involved in the ceremony. That’s because recreational cannabis is still illegal in Nevada.

But that could change later this year. In November the state will vote whether or not to legalize recreational cannabis.

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