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Dreadlocks For Dummies: A Beginners Guide To Dreads

Dreadlocks For Dummies: A Beginners Guide To Dreads


Dreadlocks For Dummies: A Beginners Guide To Dreads


Dreads or dreadlocks have been linked to smoking cannabis because of the Rastafari and ganja culture. Bob Marley has become the main icon of this hair movement and has influenced many a young ganja smoker. But you might want to use cannabis to take care of your dreadlocks too, rather than just smoke it.

This guide will teach you the background, the meaning, and how to take care of your dreads.

So what do dreads even mean? Well, there are two main reasons we associate dreads with cannabis:

  • The African new-age Rastafari belief that dreadlocks are a sign of spirituality.
  • The herb or cannabis can bring you closer to God.

Now you know the reason why you should get dreads, but do you know how do you create or take care of them?

Dread Wax

  • Dread wax allows the teased back hair to clump into the dreads that you might be used to seeing.
  • Dread wax also allows you to create dreads without waiting for the hair to clump together naturally. Rastafari dreads can take years to grow together.
  • Wax, like Knotty Boy, binds loose or new locks together while giving resistance to water, this way you can wash your dreads like normal.

Even though you’re a pro at making dreads, you might not know how to keep them looking fly AF. The key to dreads is moisture, lots of moisture.

Hemp Oil

  • Hemp oil is created by extracting the oil from the
  • Hemp Oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 vitamins that promote moisture without drying your hair out.
  • You can also add ingredients to hemp oil, such as honey or glycerin for added moisture.
  • Hemp oil also contains vitamins that are beneficial to dreads that make the root and the follicle of your hair stronger, so your dreads will remain locked and intact.
  • These vitamins can also prevent your hair from breaking from the weight of the dreads. This will make your hair stronger and less brittle.

Did you also know that to keep moisture in your dreads, they have to be washed every day? The utterly ridiculous ideas that dreads are “dirty” hair is archaic and hands down a little racist.

Recently, a reporter asked dreaded superstar The Weeknd how many times he washed his hair. With a dumbfounded face, the singer stated, “every day.” We recommend staying within the cannabis family when it comes to shampoo.

Hemp Shampoo

  • Hemp shampoo is best for dreads because their no unwanted or “mystery” ingredients lurking in them.
  • Hemp shampoo often includes added moisturizers such as coconut, olive, jojoba, apricot, aloe vera, and almond.
  • Hemp shampoo is also light enough of a cleaner that it won’t make your dreads puffy, but will still give your dreads a deep and on the surface clean.
  • Try a product like, Rawganique, which also promises hemp shampoo that’s completely vegan, (no animal or byproducts of any kind).

For those of us that want to experience with the Rasta look it’s best to know the secrets behind keeping the look Bob Marley fresh. Don’t settle for “eh” dreads, make them look beautiful with only hemp products. Maybe even smoke a blunt to congratulate yourself on your awesome ‘do.

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