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What’s better? Drunk Sex or High Sex?

What's better? Drunk Sex or High Sex?


What’s better? Drunk Sex or High Sex?

Marijuana and Alcohol, both have the potential to enhance your sex life but which one is better? See what people prefer most, Drunk sex or High sex?

Drunk Sex or High Sex?

Marijuana and alcohol, both have the potential to enhance your sex life but which one is better? Fortunately for us, New York University or NYU conducted a study on this very subject. The study questioned people who had sexual experiences while drunk and also separate sexual experiences while high. With alcohol and marijuana being the top two used drugs in the country it probably wasn’t too hard for NYU’s Joseph J. Palmer to find his subjects. He and his colleagues spoke to New Yorkers aged 18 to 35 who had sex both while high and drunk. This is far from a national sample, but it’s enough to give us an idea of what people prefer; drunk sex or high sex.

The subjects were found on Craigslist and research assistants conducted in-depth interviews with each of them. They then went through a semi-structured interview with lots of questions focusing on the differences between drunk sex and high sex.

Drunk Sex


Test subjects reported feeling more confident and a decrease in inhibitions. Alcohol can also cause desensitization which may be a boon to those that feel they don’t last long enough in bed when sober.

People are much more outwardly social with alcohol because it is legal and socially accepted. So when alcohol makes you outgoing, you will be more likely to find potential partners. People have also reported feeling hornier when drunk than when high.


The first disadvantage of alcohol is how far off your judgement can become. According to research, beer goggles are real, and you may be going home with someone your sober self wouldn’t look twice at.

Many participants complained about seeing their partners in the daylight for the first time or feeling as though they’ve woken up next to a different person than the one they were hooking up with.

Another con is the “aggressive” behavior that may be seen in a drunk individual.

The study found that sex on alcohol was more often with strangers whereas high sex usually happened between two people who already knew each other. So aggressive, belligerent, and crazy energy might be too much for someone you’ve just met.

The most common disadvantages of drunk sex were nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and blacking out would obviously kill the mood under the sheets.

The final con of alcohol is how forgetful you are. What’s the use of taking that person home if you won’t remember a single detail of the night?

High Sex


People having stoned sex don’t report the same regrets from the evening before as people who have had drunk sex. Marijuana appears to make users more intimate instead of aggressive. The study found that “alcohol tended to numb sensations and marijuana tended to enhance sensations.”

Both men and women reported longer and more intense orgasms during high sex. One woman reported hers was “magnified at least by five times.” No similar reports exist on alcohol’s effect on orgasm.

This might also be a result of the “more tender, slow and compassionate” way participants tended to have sex when high.


The disadvantages of high sex usually appear when the subject had a high dose. Being sleepy or distracted are probably the two detriments to high sex.

Some reported being too paranoid to engage in such risky behavior.

High sex is less likely to occur between strangers because of marijuana’s illegal status. So if you were looking for an intoxicated hookup, marijuana might not be your drug of choice at the club.

The Final Hit

It would appear the negative consequences of alcohol outweigh the adverse effects of marijuana. Drunk sex will often end in regret and stoned sex usually does not. Drunk sex can get you sick; high sex might make you sleepy or distracted. Which of these methods of intoxication do you think is better—drunk sex or high sex? We’re going to go with the enhanced orgasms we can remember. High sex takes the crown!

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