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Emerald Cup Draws Biggest Crowd in History, Focuses on Pesticide Free Bud

Emerald Cup Draws Biggest Crowd in History | Green Rush Daily


Emerald Cup Draws Biggest Crowd in History, Focuses on Pesticide Free Bud

The Emerald Cup

The Emerald Cup, which has become known as “the Oscars for the cannabis industry”—just wrapped up its biggest weekend ever. According to The Press Democratthe annual festival, which was held in Santa Rosa, California, drew more 21,000 people, and had over 420 entries in its competition for the best outdoor-grown, organic cannabis.

“It’s impressive to see the quality of medicine that’s being grown and the variety—the depth that the horticulture has reached,” one cannabis enthusiast at the festival told reporters.

“I appreciate good-quality outdoor cannabis, something grown from the sun without unnecessary things added.”

This year’s winning bud was the “cherry limeaid” marijuana grown by Jackson Zenter.

One of the key focuses of The Emerald Cup this year was pesticide free cannabis.

For the first time, entrants were required to pay a $250 fee to cover the cost of testing their bud samples for pesticides, fungicides, and other chemicals, The Press Democrat said.

Around 7 percent of all entrants were disqualified for having used pesticides.

It seems important that such a huge cannabis competition placed such a high priority on pesticide free bud, especially since pesticide use has become an increasingly important topic of conversation for growers, lawmakers, and users alike.

Denver, Colorado’s Department of Environmental Health, for example, has issued its 13th recall of cannabis products in 13 weeks.

The bulk of these recalls resulted from the use of banned pesticides, Fox News Denver reported.

And just last week, financial experts predicted that cannabis prices in Oregon are likely to skyrocket in 2016 as a result of stricter pesticide regulations and more expensive screening processes.

Although this was the first year that The Emerald Cup required cannabis growers to pay a pesticide-testing fee, the competition and festival have always focused on celebrating bud that’s been as organically grown as possible.

The event’s website describes The Emerald Cup as “Northern California’s premier destination for medicinal marijuana while advancing the concept of sustainable, outdoor farming.”

“Its reputation is firmly solidified as the largest, most respected, organic, outdoor, medicinal cannabis competition in the world.”

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