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Free Cannabis Seeds At The White House This Weekend

Free Cannabis Seeds At The White House This Weekend


Free Cannabis Seeds At The White House This Weekend

Fresh off last weekend’s “smoke-in,” pro-pot activists plan to return to the White House this weekend—but this time to give away free cannabis seeds.

Last Saturday, about 200 people protested the government’s pot laws by gathering in front of the White House. At 4:20 p.m., the group started smoking marijuana as an act of civil disobedience.

The whole thing was topped off with a massive, 50-foot-long inflatable joint that protestors carried like a parade float.

Now, it looks like the White House’s pot-themed activity isn’t over yet. Instead of smoking marijuana, however, this weekend’s event is all about growing marijuana.

What time are the free cannabis seeds being given away?

Starting at 4:21 p.m. this Saturday, right in front of the White House, people can show up and get free cannabis seeds.

They can also bring cuttings from plants they’re already growing and trade them with others, or give them away to somebody else. The whole idea is to allow people easy and free cannabis seeds and plant material so they can grow their own cannabis plants.

The seed giveaway is being planned as another form of protest against marijuana prohibition. But organizers also see it as an effort to build the cannabis community.

The event is being organized largely by the activist group DCMJ. That group helped push to get marijuana legalized in Washington, D.C. DCMJ will also be teaming up with other cannabis activists and groups for this weekend’s  free cannabis seeds giveaway.

Where can you get the free cannabis seeds?

They’ve put on similar events in the past. Usually the free cannabis seeds giveaway takes place in a private residence or a bar, but this year they decided to be as open and public about it as they could.

So they chose to have the event in the same place as last weekend’s protest: right in front of the White House.

“We decided to keep the pressure on the president,” said DCMJ co-founder Nikolas Schiller.

Schiller also said that at last weekend’s smoke-in, “people broke the law by openly consuming in order to change the law.”

“The free cannabis seeds, on the other hand, is about complying with the law and giving others the freedom the law allows.”

In Washington, D.C. it’s legal for anyone older than 21 to possess up to two ounces of marijuana. And people living there are allowed to grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes.

(Photo Credit: TechTimes)

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