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What is Gold Weed?

What Is Gold Weed


What is Gold Weed?

Smoke 24k Gold Weed

Ingesting gold has appeared as a trend for many reasons such as medicinal benefits or just to be plain fancy. There’s Goldschlager, a Swiss cinnamon schnapps with flakes of gold, and even a gold donut trend in NYC. Drinking or eating gold can be expensive, indeed, many people do it more for the reputation than anything else. But what about flakes of gold in the weed? That’s right, now you can smoke 24k gold weed and it’s fire.

Youtuber, The Notorious Big B 420, brings us through the experience of smoking gold weed. Embedded in the bud is glistening, shining flakes of gold. It looks luxurious and delicious, like smoking a million bucks. They describe the bud as tasting like cookies referring to Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), PHOTOSand OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid.  However, smoking gold may raise a lot of concerns, especially mixed with marijuana.

Does Gold Weed Affect the Body?

What Is Gold Weed

In short, no. Small doses of gold, such as gold flakes, will not harm or benefit health. Pure gold is chemically inert and passes through the digestive system without absorbing into the body. Basically, in flakes, 24k gold will do nothing. However, if it is not pure gold, the risk of the leaf containing copper rises. Copper can be toxic in high doses. Make sure the gold is in fact pure 24k gold.

Then there is colloidal gold. A colloid is a suspension of fine particles in fluid. One health benefit of colloidal gold is relieving joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. There’s another substance that does something similar: cannabis. So what will happen when gold and marijuana are mixed? In essence, not much. It will neither harm nor help the body in any different way than smoking other strains of marijuana. Along the same lines, flakes of gold are not strain specific. The gold is more for appearance in social experiences, and a gorgeous appearance at that.

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