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Kids Cannabis Products Are Changing The Face Of Marijuana

Kids Cannabis Products Are Changing The Face Of Marijuana


Kids Cannabis Products Are Changing The Face Of Marijuana

Kids cannabis products might sound like the anti-pot world’s worst nightmare come true. But there are actually a growing number of cannabis-related products designed specifically for kids.

Some of these products have been created to give kids access to the medical benefits of cannabis. Others are more about cannabis culture, and don’t have anything to do with smoking or in any way consuming the plant.

One way or another, what they’re all doing is changing the image of marijuana.

More and more, as cannabis becomes mainstream the old stoner stereotypes are starting to fall apart. And kids cannabis products are one of the big ways those stereotypes are being torn down.

Here are some of our favorite kids cannabis products that are helping to change the face of marijuana:

Medical Marijuana For Kids

The medical marijuana industry has put serious energy into finding ways to give kids safe access to the health benefits of marijuana without getting high. Probably the most well-known example of this is the Charlotte’s Web strain.

Charlotte’s Web has high levels of CBD and very low levels of THC, which makes it perfect for kids.

It was named after 9-year-old Charlotte Figi, who has a serious form of epilepsy. After using medical marijuana when she was only 5 years old, there was a dramatic decrease in the number of seizures Charlotte had.

Since then, people have come up with even more ways to give kids cannabis-based medicine.

Earlier this year, lawmakers in Delaware started working on a bill that would allow school nurses to give kids prescribed cannabis oil during school.

And in February, two-month-old Amylea Nuñez made headlines when she became the world’s youngest cannabis patient ever.

Just a few days after being born Amylea started having violent seizures. Her parents eventually decided to take her to Colorado where she could be treated with CBD oil.

“My First Grow” Cannabis Grow Kit

“My First Grow” is a kit designed to teach kids how to plant cannabis seeds. It comes with a growing cup, a packet of seeds, a package of soil, an instruction booklet, and some stickers.

The makers of “My First Grow” are sure to stress that the kit comes with hemp seeds, not anything that will ever produce smokeable buds.

“Hemp is part of the cannabis family but without psychoactive properties; perfect for your child’s first grow,” the company’s website says.

Kids Cannabis Books

Surprisingly, there is a small but vibrant genre of kids books all about cannabis. They give parents a way to introduce their kids to cannabis without all the negative stereotypes.

Some of the most well known titles are:

  • If A Peacock Finds A Pot Leaf – in this short book, Peter the peacock goes for a walk in the forest. When he discovers a new leaf, he ends up meeting new friends who teach him about the benefits of medical marijuana.
  • It’s Just a Plant – The main character in this book is a little girl named Jackie. She wakes up one night to a strange new smell and eventually finds her parents smoking weed in their bedroom. Her parents then explain to her what marijuana is.
  • Stinky Steve Explains Daddy’s Dabs – This book is designed to give parents an easy way to talk to their kids about marijuana. It’s focus is on teaching kids to wait until they’re older to use marijuana responsibly, but it gets the idea across without having to rely on the usual list of negative myths and stereotypes.

Some of these kids cannabis products are about giving kids access to medical marijuana. Others try to find ways to teach kids about cannabis in positive ways.

But whatever approach they take, they’re all helping to change the old stereotypes about what cannabis is and who uses it.

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