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Lenny Dykstra Arrested After Uber Driver Says Life Was Threatened


Lenny Dykstra Arrested After Uber Driver Says Life Was Threatened


Lenny Dykstra Arrested After Uber Driver Says Life Was Threatened

Yet another bad look from the former member of the ’86 Mets.

Former Mets and Philadelphia Phillies star Lenny Dykstra found himself on the wrong end of the law early Wednesday morning. An Uber Driver says Dykstra threatened his life after he refused to change the destination mid-ride.

 Lenny Dykstra Arrested

According to, the former member of the legendary ’86 Mets squad was arrested and charged with a third-degree making of terroristic threats, in addition to a slew of drug charges after police found cocaine, MDMA, and cannabis on him.

The 55-year-old Dykstra was allegedly picked up in Linden, NJ by an unnamed 47-year-old Uber driver out of Roselle. After the driver refused Dykstra’s request to change destinations, Dykstra allegedly pulled out a weapon and pointed it at the head of the driver, and threatened to kill him. Around 3:30 AM, the panicked driver pulled into a nearby parking garage attached to the Linden Police Department, where he began to furiously honk his horn before running out of the car.

Cops ultimately found no weapons on Dysktra, but he was taken into custody on the aforementioned charges and released on summons just hours after the arrest. He is due back in Superior Court on June 8th.

Lenny Dykstra Arrested After Threatening to Kill His Uber Driver

While the case seems pretty cut and dry, Dykstra spoke to the Daily News on Wednesday to refute some of the accusations made against him.

“The guy went nuclear on me,” Dykstra told the paper. “He f—ing kidnapped me and almost killed me going 100 mph. He locked me in his f—ing car, and he wouldn’t let me out.”

However, it’s hard to trust Dykstra’s side of the story, because he then refuted the fact that he was arrested… even though public police records clearly proved that he was.

For Dykstra, who earned the moniker “Nails” during his time in the MLB for his tough demeanor and no-nonsense approach to the game, this is far from the first run-in with the law.

He served three years in prison back in 2012 after facing 25 misdemeanor and felony counts for a variety of charges including grand theft auto and several drug offenses. He also admitted to looting his $18 million home after filing for bankruptcy and selling the items.

Then, in 2015, he was charged with stealing over $50,000 worth of jewelry from porn star Brett Rossi. He’s also been accused of sexual assault by a plethora of women, and his baseball career was marred by controversy due to alleged steroid abuse and drug addiction.

Perhaps it would be in Dykstra’s best interest to lay off the molly, coke and steroids. Just stick to the weed.

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