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The Real History Behind 4/20 And Why It’s So Important

The Real History Behind 4/20 And Why It's So Important

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The Real History Behind 4/20 And Why It’s So Important

The history behind the term, “4/20” is relatively a mystery to a lot of people. Many people create their own different backstory for why we celebrate this holiday specifically on this date.

People have come up with different theories as to why “420” is the slang term for marijuana or for smoking weed. Some theories include a correlation with this day being Hitler’s birthday, while others say that it has to do with police codes, or the history of the plant itself. Nope.

The real history of why  “420” is the official weed date and number is because it represents teenage rebellion. The term was dedicated to a group of five students out of San Rafael, California that would smoke at exactly 4:20 pm, or when they were out of school. These students would sit by a wall outside their town and ultimately the pass time caught on with other people.

This national and international movement of 420, was simply started by five high school kids out of a nowhere town in California who wanted to smoke a little pot after school. Cool, huh?

This holiday has come from a little toke after classes to being a world wide phenomenon. Today 420 is celebrated world wide to show support for the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana.


The History of 420 Video:

Cities like New York, San Francisco, and Toronto use 420 as a day to publicly show in large groups of people that they are for the legalization of marijuana. Specifically, Toronto holds an annual 420 march that encourages participants to smoke in public, while engaging with vendors and creators of different strains.

420 is also a holiday to make awareness for the medicinal uses to cannabis. Cannabis has been known to cure chronic anxiety, help treat Chrone’s Disease, and even fight against cells that cause cancer.

The rallies around the world are in the hopes of showing governments, big business, and pharma companies that cannabis might just in fact be the cure for many illnesses that have yet to be treated.

Finally, 420 is a holiday that represents fun and youthfulness. Starting from five high school kids that just wanted to relax to a world wide appreciation for this plant, 420 represents a natural way of getting rid of problems.

These problems can range from generic stress, depression, or even ISIS, which can all be attacked with the help of cannabis. We need this holiday to remember that herbs, plants, and natural things from the Earth can help us in all aspects of life.

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