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Wiz Khalifa Announces New Line Of Cannabis-Infused Beer

Wiz Khalifa Announces New Line Of Cannabis-Infused Beer


Wiz Khalifa Announces New Line Of Cannabis-Infused Beer

Wiz Khalifa has just announced the next chapter in his life as a cannabis entrepreneur.

According to early reports, the rapper turned cannapreneur has filed trademark papers for a new line of cannabis-infused drinks.

Apparently Wiz Khalifa wants to create a line of weed-themed beer, juice, carbonated drinks, and non-alcoholic cocktails.

The drinks will be part of his “Khalifa Kush” brand name.

The only bad news for dedicated pot enthusiasts is that it sounds like Wiz Khalifa’s ganja drinks won’t get you high. That’s because they’re infused with hemp strains of cannabis.

Hemp is part of the cannabis family, but it doesn’t produce enough THC to give people a high.

Wiz Khalifa is one of the music industry’s most outspoken supporters of marijuana. He’s become an icon in the world of cannabis culture.

More recently he’s moved into the marijuana industry through a partnership with RiverRock Cannabis.

A few months ago Khalifa announced that he was teaming up with the dispensary chain to sell his signature line of cannabis products.

The centerpiece of it all is his specially designed strain “Khalifa Kush.”

The Khalifa Kush strain and other products are already available in some locations throughout southern California. Through his partnership with RiverRock Cannabis, his products will also be available in Colorado.

And if things go as planned it looks like the Khalifa Kush brand will soon expand to include the rapper’s new line of hemp-infused drinks.

Fellow rapper The Game recently announced his line of cannabis drinks called G Drinks. The Game’s lemonade drinks are laced with enough THC to give people a noticeable kick.

Wiz Khalifa’s efforts to move into the cannabis industry make him part of a growing group of rappers whose business efforts are changing the marijuana industry.

Snoop Dogg has developed his super high THC strain called “Tangerine Man.” And he’s also announced plans to move into the Canadian cannabis industry by teaming up with a marijuana company based in Toronto.

Similarly, Freddie Gibbs has been working hard to create his marijuana strain that he calls Freddie Kane OG.

(Photo Credit: TMZ)

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