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Women and Weed: 7 Reasons Why Weed and Women are a Perfect Match

7 Reasons Women Should Smoke Weed


Women and Weed: 7 Reasons Why Weed and Women are a Perfect Match

Women and Weed

The idea that the cannabis industry is a male-driven market is going up in smoke (pun most definitely intended). Thanks to Miley CyrusBroad City’s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, and Rihanna, pot-smoking women becoming more and more visible.

Women and Weed: 7 Reasons Why Weed and Women are a Perfect Match

The stereotype that only men smoke cannabis is one that needs to be dismantled. It inaccurately reflects market reality and attempts to box women into sexist social roles, further perpetuating harmful myths about cannabis.

In the spirit of getting rid of these stereotypes and celebrating the increased visibility of pot-smoking women, here are the top reasons why marijuana could be useful for women:

1. Helps Treat Reproductive Health Issues

According to the Endocannabinoid Deficiency Foundation, cannabis can be an effective way to treat endometriosis and other female reproductive health issues.

2. Leads to Better Sex

Several studies have confirmed what potheads have already discovered: getting high tends to make sex more meaningful, more intimate, and a more all-around better experience.

3. Helps Women Through Menopause

Neuroscientist Michele Ross says that “cannabis is an optimal alternative for women who can not take Estrogen Replacement Therapy due to the history of breast or ovarian cancer, heart disease, or lack of health insurance.”

4. Creates Longer, More Intense Orgasms

“Orgasms seem to last for 30 seconds and are incredibly intense,” said one women who was interviewed by Elite Daily. According to Dr. Mitch Earleywine, cannabis triggers receptors in the brain that are linked to “tactile sensations and general euphoria.”

5. Carve Out Time For Yourself

One of the benefits of marijuana use, in general, is that it helps you carve out a little bit of “me” time. This can be precious for women working hard to juggle numerous demands, responsibilities, and pressures.

6. Helps Create a Well-Balanced Life

Cannabis can help lead to a more balanced lifestyle, encouraging time away from the daily grind, making space for relaxation, and providing a variety of health and dietary benefits.

7. Long History Between Women and Weed

Despite what outdated stereotypes may say, women and weed go way back: Queen Victoria most likely smoked pot. The world’s oldest woman, Fulla Nayak, smoked pot regularly. And the female marijuana plant itself is the bud producer.

Now that you’ve finished reading all this feel free to get high in honor of the many connections between women and weed.

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