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Bear Caught on Camera Stealing Dumpster from Cannabis Dispensary

Bear Caught on Camera Stealing Dumpster from Cannabis Dispensary


Bear Caught on Camera Stealing Dumpster from Cannabis Dispensary

If you thought bears only stole picnic baskets, think again.

Early Wednesday morning, a surveillance camera outside of The Bud Depot cannabis shop in Lyons, colorado showed a curious bear trying to open a dumpster.

Little did it know, it was a bear-proof dumpster.

An A for Effort

The video shows the bear first break through the wooden fence in the back of the Colorado dispensary. The bear then made a concerted effort to break through the bear-proof dumpster, before growing increasingly frustrated, deciding to simply take the entire dumpster with him. You can see the animal put its claws on the top of the dumpster and maneuver it outside of the freshly broken fence.

After making additional inspections to the dumpster, the bear— perhaps analyzing the logistics of bringing an entire commercial dumpster back home to the woods—decides to abandon it outside of the fenced-in area.

The video was originally posted to Twitter by the  Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast Region on Tuesday night. An agency spokesman told the AP the bear was originally captured just before midnight back on July 17.

“A bear breaks through a fence, sniffs around for trash,” the original post said. “The bear backs the trash dumpster out. The bear tries to get into the dumpster, but cannot. It tries to take the bear resistant dumpster home with him, but cannot.”

“No reward for this bear.”

According to Bud Depot Manager Nikko Garzo, the bear is actually a regular at their dispensary. Well, at least in the back dumpster area. In fact, the staff sees him so often they even nicknamed him “Cheeseburger.” (This explains the bear-proof dumpster in the first place.)

While the story does seem like it had the potential to make for a funny story line, there was, unfortunately, nothing that would have gotten the bear stoned even if he was able to break into the trash bin.

“Oh, just boxes. It’s none of the fun stuff like you would imagine,” Garza told FOX31.

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