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Cannabis Under A Microscope Will Blow Your Mind

Cannabis Under A Microscope Will Blow Your Mind


Cannabis Under A Microscope Will Blow Your Mind

Marijuana Under A Microscope

The world starts to look very different when you look at it under a microscope. That intense magnification gives things entirely new shapes, textures, colors, and patterns. Sometimes the most mundane thing suddenly becomes mind-blowingly beautiful. And other times, something that’s pretty much invisible starts looking like a living nightmare—ever seen pics of a dust mite before?

The cannabis plant is one of those things that looks completely different when you look at it under a microscope.

For people who love marijuana, buds are already a thing of beauty.

Those colorful, frosty, twisted up, resin-covered flowers are a one of a kind visual thrill. And microscopes add an entirely new dimension to the unique beauty of the cannabis plant.

To show you what we’re talking about, check out this magnified picture of a cannabis flower under the microscope:


The hair-like trichomes and pollen start looking like some sort of otherworldly landscape.

And if you zoom in even more on the trichomes, you get this:



Those weird, tree or mushroom looking things are what make a nug look like it’s covered in sugar. The trichomes are also where all the good stuff is—they’re responsible for a bud’s potency.

And another colorful shot of a bud up close:


Here’s what the very tip of a cannabis flower looks like when you get up close:


People have also taken pictures of other parts of the cannabis plant under a microscope. Here’s a seed in the process of sprouting:


And here’s a marijuana leaf:


If you cut that same leaf in half and put it beneath a microscope, this is what it looks like:


Sometimes, the non-cannabis stuff that ends up on a plant looks pretty crazy too. Some of these are naturally occurring substances and others are from plant food and other additives used while the plant was growing.



Probably the best place to find all sorts of crazy images of cannabis under a microscope is in Ford McCann’s book, Cannabis Under the Microscope: A Visual Exploration of Medicinal Sativa and C. Indica.

That book is basically a giant compilation of microscopic photos. It includes tons of pics of pretty much every part of a cannabis plant during all the phases of sprouting, growing, and budding.

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