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10 Country Music Artists That Love Weed

Country Music Artists That Love Weed


10 Country Music Artists That Love Weed

When you think about weed and music, country probably isn’t the first genre that comes to mind. But after reading about these country music artists that love weed, you may see things a little differently.

Try this little experiment. Tell someone to think about musicians and weed, and then ask them to say what genre comes to mind. Not saying everyone is prone to stereotypical thinking, but most folks would probably say rock, rap, or hip hop. The truth, however, is quite different. In fact, it’s not rap or hip hop songs that make the most references to cannabis. It’s country music! According to, who analyzed lyrics, weed gets mentioned 1.6 percent of the time in country music. But just 1.3 percent in rap. So country music artists love to sing about pot, and these are the country music artists that love weed the most.

Legendary Country Music Artists That Love Weed

Weed inspires the creative process, no matter the genre. Like many artists, country musicians are no strangers to cannabis. Indeed, many of the most popular country musicians of all time have made songs about cannabis part of their oeuvre.

10. Toby Keith

Country Music Artists That Love Weed

One time in Vegas, Keith had the night off and had plans to hang with Charles Barkley for his birthday. And it just so happened that Willie Nelson was playing at 8 pm somewhere nearby. So Keith stops in, hops up on stage to play some tunes with Willie, who asks Keith to stay after the show.

Keith meets up with Willie on the tour bus, and he’s already burning one. Of course, he passes his insanely strong medicinal stuff around, and here’s what happened to Keith.

“We burned one, and I couldn’t even function. And I only hit it 3 or 4 times.”

The experience was so mind-altering for Keith that he wrote a song about it, cautioning against smoking with the cannabis country legend, Willie Nelson.


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