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Fisherman Hooks A Brick Of Weed Off Coast



Fisherman Hooks A Brick Of Weed Off Coast

The catch of a lifetime.

Talk about landing a big catch. Rarely do we see fishing hauls worth over a thousand bucks, but that’s because most people aren’t setting their sights on the right fish. Or, in this case, the right type of strain. On Monday morning, a man just looking to catch a few mahi-mahis on the Atlantic was stunned to find a whole different thing entirely—a giant brick of weed.

Fisherman Hooks A Brick Of Weed Off Coast

Forget about the deep blue see— waters got pretty green off of the coast of Pompano Beach. According to Broward County’s local ABC affiliate, Jorge Bustamante, a recreational fisher, found something that a few states these days would also label ‘recreational’—a whole kilo of weed.

Bustamante, a freelance Steadicam operator and underwater photographer, took to Instagram to show off his latest catch. In his post, Bustamante, had a smile as wide as the Atlantic Ocean itself, as he posed next to his prized catch. Ironically enough, Bustamante explained how he found his haul off of the “weed line.”

Coincidence? We think not.

“Got an early birthday gift from Pablo Escobar…. found it off pompano floating in the weed line few mahi and a few kingfish this morning but a trip we won’t forget for a long time.”

But What Did Bustamante Do With The Haul?

Sadly, Pablo’s birthday gift would not be in Bustamante’s possession for much longer. After admiring his findings (and taking the necessary photos for social media) the fisherman would soon part with his prized catch. Bustamante and his friends soon radioed the U.S. Coast Guard. They then met Bustamante and his crew to retrieve the kilo. It’s safe to say most of us would keep these findings to ourselves, but hey no judgment here.

Ok, maybe a little, actually. Legal or not, a brick of precious weed is a brick of precious weed. According to ABC, Bustamante did, in fact, catch the mahi and kingfish he originally set out for. But it’s safe to say his second-go around pales in comparison to his first. Then again, what kind of catch wouldn’t?

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