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Master P Sues Weed Company After They Cost Him Millions

Master P Sues Weed Company After They Cost Him Millions


Master P Sues Weed Company After They Cost Him Millions

After they didn’t hold up their end of the deal, Master P sues weed company Privateer Holdings for millions in damages. Percy Miller, a.k.a. Master P was looking to debut his own line of cannabis products called Master P’s Trees. The brand was launched last year in November but never distributed. P was expecting distribution to start in July before Privateer bailed on him.

Who Is Master P?

Master P is an American rapper, actor, businessman, author, record producer and plenty more. He founded the record label No Limit Records which has gone through several name changes. The second name was New No Limit Records. Then, Guttar Music Entertainment and finally, No Limit Forever Records. P is also the father of Lil Romeo and both have appeared on their television shows about their family.

Master P considered starting his own all football league but it looks like he decided to take give the cannabis industry a shot instead.

What Happened?

Master P Sues Weed Company After They Cost Him Millions

According to the documents, Master P was set to promote the brand for a year and cover half of the production costs. Privateer Holdings allegedly agreed to produce and distribute Master P’s Trees across California. Profits would be split 50/50.

However, when the time came for Privateer Holdings to do their part they were nowhere to be seen. The product was supposed to launch in July at a music festival where P was set to perform. In the same month, the weed company decided to revoke their original deal.

Now, Master P is suing the cannabis company for breach of contract. P says Privateer conducted intentionally fraudulent behavior. He believes they never actually wanted to work with him on his new brand. Instead, he thinks the whole deal was a ploy to get P to give Privateer Holdings “an inside look into the urban and hip-hop demographic of cannabis users.”

He assumes they were only in contact with him for their own benefit. Once they had an understanding of the urban/hip-hop demographic they no longer needed P. He would just cost them 50 percent of their profits after that point.

Apparently, Privateer Holdings’ decision to leave Master P high and dry cost him “at least 25 mil in lost profits and damages,” TMZ reported.

Final Hit: Master P Sues Weed Company

Even though the website of Master P’s Trees looks filled with products ready for distribution there is no place to find them. If his allegations are true, the rap moguls new cannabis empire suffered a drastic blow from Privateer Holdings. As a result, Master P has filed a lawsuit against Privateer for their lies. His new brand may have to sit on the back burner until things get settled in court. The 25 million he is suing for should help launch his brand.

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