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Miley Cyrus Should Go Back to Weed Because Malibu Blows

Miley Cyrus Should Go Back to Weed Because "Malibu" Blows


Miley Cyrus Should Go Back to Weed Because Malibu Blows

Stoner girls everywhere are weeping after the release of Miley Cyrus’s single, “Malibu.”  The disappointing song dropped this month with equally disappointing revelations about its writer. In the past few years, Miley Cyrus gained notoriety in the cannabis community through her representation and acceptance of weed culture, on and off the stage.

The New Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Should Go Back to Weed Because "Malibu" Blows

In an interview with Billboard, Miley Cyrus said she is recently clean and intends to stay that way. She added that she now chooses to spend her time with those who don’t smoke. Notably, the shift in her music and personality closely followed her re-engagement to Liam Hemsworth.

The single, which is about the 27-year-old actor, carries a different tune than the music in her previous album. The folksy mix of pop and country might be a welcome relief to her old listeners (AKA tweens and parents) but it overwhelmingly lets down the whole fan base she acquired over the last few years.

Malibu as a Song

“Malibu” lacks the enthusiasm that had previously shown through her music. In short, “Malibu” is the song equivalent of buying a house in the suburbs and purchasing a Volkswagon for your family of three and your chocolate lab (read: boring).

Acknowledging the song’s popularity with a large portion of her fan base to the stoners, outcasts, and rebels “Malibu” seems disingenuous and lackluster. One can only hope her next single will be better.

Her new distaste for weed and those who smoke it may be a positive shift for her personal life. Professionally, however, Miley Cyrus has lost that je ne sais quoi that once drew so many to her. Her criticism of pot and unwelcome return to normalcy might be to the detriment of her music quality. It could result in the loss of fans who no longer see her as a champion of cannabis.

As a powerful force in the fight for cannabis once said, “it’s our party and we say what we want.” So to you, Miley Cyrus we say, roll up a joint and smoke it before writing your next single, we beg of you.

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