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The 5 Most Insane Attempts to Illegally Grow Weed

The 5 Most Insane Attempts to Illegally Grow Weed


The 5 Most Insane Attempts to Illegally Grow Weed

We all know that growing marijuana is illegal pretty much everywhere. But because marijuana is also one of the most sought after drugs in the world, somebody’s got to figure out a way to grow the green stuff. With that said, here are some of the most insane attempts people have made to illegally grow cannabis:

1. An underground school bus

A couple of determined marijuana growers in Lenoir County, North Carolina came up with a creative solution for covertly growing a whole lot of bud.

They dug a massive hole in the backyard of their rural home. After that, they somehow managed to get an old school bus into the pit. The entire thing was then covered over and leveled out so it looked like a completely normal backyard.

A tiny tunnel located behind a wall in the garage led to the bus, where the couple had been secretly growing pounds and pounds of marijuana.

Unfortunately for them, one of their dealers was caught and police dogs eventually sniffed out the underground operation.

2. Growing pot on the front lawn of the courthouse

Cops in New South Wales, Australia were surprised to discover marijuana plants growing right in the front garden of the Bellingen Court House.

Authorities wrote the whole thing off as a prank, but who knows, maybe someone was legitimately trying to pull this one off. After all, sometimes the best hiding places are right out in the open.

If this was a real attempt to grow cannabis, you’ve got to admit it’s a pretty gutsy move.

3. Marijuana plantation next to police dog kennel

A man in Vienna, Austria thought he’d picked out the perfect spot to set up his mini marijuana plantation. As soon as he got everything up and running, however, he discovered his mistake: he’d built right next to a police dog kennel.

Not surprisingly, the highly trained drug dogs sniffed out the man’s operation without even having to leave their doghouses. The would-be marijuana farmer was busted before he could even harvest his first crop.

4. A grow operation in a buried swimming

A group of three cannabis cultivators in Miami almost got away with the perfect hiding place for their grow operation. They quietly covered the backyard swimming pool with a massive slab of concrete, making it look like nothing more than an extension of the driveway.

The concrete completely disguised the fact that there was still a full-sized swimming pool underneath it. The growers then dug a tunnel from the home into the bottom of the old swimming pool, which they filled with all the equipment they needed to set up a world-class grow operation.

Neighbors started getting suspicious when they noticed cars pulling up to the house at all hours of the night. Eventually, cops started catching on and the growers were eventually arrested.

5. A little roadside herb

A bold cannabis cultivator in Greece decided he was going to let the government provide the land and water for his grow operation.

He planted a row of 42 cannabis plants alongside the busiest highway in the entire country. The government had previously planted its own greenery along the road, so this pot grower just added his own green to the mix.

To water his young plants, he ran pipes into the irrigation system that had already been installed by the government to water the roadside greenery it had planted.

Eventually, as the plants grew taller and taller, people started noticing the suspicious looking roadside herbs and authorities shut the whole thing down.

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