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The Portable Pizza Pouch, The Ultimate Munchies Solution

The Portable Pizza Pouch, The Ultimate Munchies Solution


The Portable Pizza Pouch, The Ultimate Munchies Solution

Portable Pizza Pouch

Cheetos’ reign as king of the munchies might be coming to a close thanks to a genius new invention. The Portable Pizza Pouch is the most brilliant idiotic contraption you’ve ever seen. And it’s destined to become the ultimate munchies solution.

After a killer smoke sesh, as the cotton mouth sets in and you start craving fatty, greasy, delicious snacks, the best possible food you could eat is a slice of pizza.

The only problem is that before you can get that za into your belly, you’ve got to call in the order and wait for the delivery person to show up on your front porch.

By then, you’ve probably already downed an entire bag of potato chips.

But what if you could just carry pizza with you wherever you go? What if you already had a slice with you before the munchies set in?

That’s exactly what the Portable Pizza Pouch lets you do.

The new device is a sturdy plastic pouch with a zip-lock top. Its triangular shape is the perfect size for a slice of pizza.

How it worksThe Portable Pizza Pouch, The Ultimate Munchies Solution

Just slide some za into the pouch, zip it shut to ensure ultimate freshness, and then use the attached strap to hang it around your neck. Now you can carry your pizza with you wherever you go.

When you show up at your friend’s house, and you’re already carrying your pizza, people will think you’re a stoner pro.

And, as the makers of the Portable Pizza Pouch point out, you’ll also be a fashion trendsetter. Here’s what people are saying about the pizza pouch.

“A durable zip-lock sealing neck-strap pie slice device. Always fresh and ready.” – J.D. from St. Louis, MO

“BONUS: Just wearing this Pizza Pouch will instantly make you more popular and attractive. It’s a bold (and delicious) fashion statement.” – Steven R. from Chicago, IL

“Portable pizza. The best invention since delivery.” – Stephanie L. – New York, NY

The Portable Pizza Pouch, The Ultimate Munchies Solution

This pouch is definitely going into the Munchies Hall of Fame. And that puts it alongside some pretty impressive food creations.

The Pizza Pouch will go down in history among some of the most incredible munchies legends ever. Things like the infamous Burger King burger with 1,050 slices of bacon, the Chipotle Quesarito, the Five Guys Double Grilled Cheese Burger and the heart-stopping KFC Triple Down.

And best of all: the Portable Pizza Pouch only costs $8. You can buy yours online at Stupidiotic.

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