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Stoner’s Coloring Book Is Relaxing AF

The Stoner's Coloring Book Is Relaxing AF


Stoner’s Coloring Book Is Relaxing AF

Coloring books are known to relieve stress and help get rid of any angry tension in the body. Cannabis is also known for attacking stress and anxiety. Putting those two things together makes the Stoner’s Coloring Book one of the most relaxing past times to ever exist.

Coloring books help relieve anxiety and stress through, “art therapy.” Art therapy is used by doctors to help treat people who have ongoing physical ailments or are emotionally distressed with the outside world.

This treatment is most common in cancer patients or to individuals who are terminally ill.

The color that we see when we are coloring is both uplifting and meditative. In meditation, we turn off our brains and focus on the constant or the present.

This is also what happens when we color because we are focusing on the strokes or staying in between the lines.

The Stoner’s Coloring Book is also just as therapeutic, except with a little help from an herbal remedy.

The pages of the Stoner’s Coloring Book are designed by nine notable and young artists. The book is also incredibly intricate and detailed to increase concentration on the present moment.

The pages, inspired by graffiti, give the book a slight urban and youthful feeling.

This book also allows the user to feel creative, even if they lack the motivation to create something entirely new. You’ll feel like the artists themselves, gaining some definite stress relief.

The primary purpose of this book is also to bring creativity to the cannabis experience. For some smokers, a high means sitting on the couch watching hours of TV or trolling the internet.

This book provides something to do while stimulating the mind as well.

There are also medicinal uses for this coloring book, which make it much better than the coloring books we had as a kid, which is why this book is 18 plus. No children are allowed.
The Stoner's Coloring Book Is Relaxing AF


Most of the times, adult coloring book participants that have lost faith in the outside world or don’t believe that the world has beauty.

This is very much true with patients who are terminally ill because they are beginning to doubt their sense of time with the universe.

Cannabis has also been known to recreate a sense of self with the world because of it’s herbal remedy for depression.

The Stoner's Coloring Book Is Relaxing AF

If you smoke marijuana alongside these coloring books, the effects of THC will be twice as much, triggering a higher sense of happiness from the brain and into the body.

So sharpen up your colored pencils or your crayons, and get out your Stoner’s Coloring Book. It’s about to get relaxing.

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