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From Weed Dealing Suburban Mom To Repentant Christian

America's Favorite Weed Dealing Suburban Mom


From Weed Dealing Suburban Mom To Repentant Christian

America’s favorite weed dealing suburban mom has apparently turned a new leaf as a repentant Christian, and she now hopes her new faith will keep her out of prison.

Andrea Sanderlin first made headlines back in 2013 when she was arrested at her upscale home in Scarsdale, New York, a suburb of New York City.

After authorities linked her to a suspicious string of bills, they followed her expensive Mercedes SUV to what turned out to be a massive marijuana grow operation. Cops found more than 2,800 plants at the site.

Sanderlin’s black market bud business was valued at more than $3 million.

Later on, when cops searched Sanderlin’s home they also found thousands of dollars in cash and a library of books about growing marijuana.

After her arrest, she spent six weeks in jail. She was then released on bail.

Now, with her April 14 sentencing date looming on the horizon, she’s making a strong effort to avoid getting sent to prison.

Her argument: she’s now a faithful Christian who’s repented of her sins and is now on the straight and narrow.

Sanderlin’s lawyer, Corey Winograd, has been making the argument that her new life as a Christian has removed any desire she may have had to move back into the illegal cannabis business.

America's Favorite Weed Dealing Suburban Mom

Photo: Riyad Hasan

America’s Favorite Weed Dealing Suburban Mom strolls out of court (Above).

Because she’s no longer a criminal threat, he says, she shouldn’t be sent to prison.

“Andrea Sanderlin operated a marijuana grow house to make money the easy way,” Winograd wrote in a letter to Judge Brian Cogan.

“She is overwhelmingly remorseful for her criminal conduct.”

Winograd also went on to cite her newfound faith as evidence of just how much she’s changed.

“Andrea has been walking a righteous path for almost three years and is committed to continuing straight down that path,” Winograd wrote.

And to prove just how devoted she is to a life free of crime, Winograd has been collecting letters and statements from members of Sanderlin’s new church.

The letters allegedly attest to how much she’s already made up for her past crimes, and how committed she is to her new life as a squeaky clean Christian.

One letter said: “She has courageously admitted her mistake, repented to the legal system and to almighty God.”

If Sanderlin ever wants to get back into the drug racket but still maintain her Christian image, she might want to consider joining Robert Jaynes, Jr.’s church. Jaynes is a preacher who was recently busted for turning his church into a huge drug ring specializing in manufacturing and selling synthetic marijuana.

One thing is for sure, America’s favorite weed dealing suburban mom has an uphill battle.

(Photo Credit: Eonline)

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