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How Weed Gummies Inspired K. Michelle’s New Album

How Weed Gummies Inspired K. Michelle's New Album


How Weed Gummies Inspired K. Michelle’s New Album

K.Michelle opens up about her cannabis use in the creative process.

It’s no secret that cannabis is making its way into the mainstream like never before. While artists have explicitly talked about their weed usage in their music for years now, some are now becoming increasingly candid about the plant in casual interviews, television spots and on social media. Snoop Dogg has even become an investor in a totally legitimate pot operation, so clearly, we’ve come a long way from the days of considering weed a taboo subject.

So it should come as no surprise that R&B star and Memphis native K. Michelle recently opened up about her own usage,and how it affects her own creative process while making music.

Highdeas: How Weed Gummies Inspired K. Michelle’s New Album

In an interview with Billboard, the up and coming artist explained, amongst a plethora of other topics, how weed gummies inspired her new album, Kimberly: The People I Used to Know. She discussed how sativa gummies not only helped her with the creative process but also with chronic migraines that have plagued the artist.

She mentioned that her new song, “God Love Sex and Drugs,” was particularly influenced by cannabis edibles, along with, you guessed it, God, love and sex.

“People want to box me in so bad—they want me to be one thing. I’m learning that my complexities make me. That’s why this song speaks on who I am. It’s controversial because it’s saying everything I love: God, sex and a little bit of drugs,” the artist explained. “I believed in my last album, but the people around me didn’t. I have a brand-new A&R, and he understood it. It’s super funky—the bassline, everything. If James Brown was around, he’d think the song rocked. I ate a lot of edibles and I was just in there flowing. I have superbad migraines, but the one medication that helps is this sativa gummy. I’m deeply in my zone when I eat that.”

Naturally, Michelle brought up edibles again in the interview. The songstress said one of the more fun moments of her latest project was the creation of the song “Either Way,” which apparently involved a lot of edibles and alcohol.

“I got in there, had my edibles, my Jack Honey in hand and just sang,” Michelle said.” It ended up being my favorite because it’s so much fun. This is one of the album’s shake-your-ass moments.”

Final Hit: How Weed Gummies Inspired K. Michelle’s New Album

It shouldn’t come as a shock that cannabis was one of the major influences of K.Michelle’s new album. Weed has long been considered a tool to harness creativity, so Michelle’s success with edibles makes sense.

Additionally, cannabis has proven to be a viable tool in treating migraines and chronic headaches, so it’s no surprise that she found success with her gummies.

Regardless of her reasons, it’s still refreshing to see an artist open up about their cannabis use on a large-scale platform like Billboard. Because, let’s face it—the more celebrities talk about cannabis, the more widely accepted it will be in mainstream society. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before this silly prohibition is laid to rest, once and for all.

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