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Grow And Sell Weed With New Farming Game Mod

Grow And Sell Weed With New Farming Game Mod


Grow And Sell Weed With New Farming Game Mod

The level of detail in Smellyhippie_’s Cannabis Mod is impressive, covering everything from male and female plants to THC sieves and hash presses.

In the pixelated world of Stardew Valley, you shape your land into the agricultural paradise of your dreams. You learn to live off the soil, to grow, harvest and sell your farm’s finest produce to your quaint and close-knit community. And now, thanks to a new game mod, you can cultivate your very own cannabis grow in incredible detail.

Stardew Valley Farming Game Gets A Massive Weed Mod

Stardew Valley, a super-popular farm sim, already boasts an astounding variety of crops. But a new mod for the game, called Smellyhippie_’s Cannabis Mod, adds a set of crops and items you won’t find in the vanilla version.

The citizens of Pelican Town in Stardew Valley are masterful growers of all kinds of produce. But until now, no one was growing any weed.

Now, with Smellyhippie_’s Cannabis Mod, players can plant, cultivate, produce and even craft recipes all entirely related to marijuana.

The level of detail of Smellyhippie_’s farming game mod is pretty impressive. Experienced growers IRL will enjoy how well the mod covers every aspect of cultivating cannabis.

Smellyhippie_’s Stardew Valley Cannabis Mod Hits the Finer Points of Growing Weed

You can do more than grow and sell weed. Say, for example, you can make some hash to bring to market. And beyond carefully growing your cannabis crop, you’ll need a few extra tools.

Don’t forget the resin sieve you’ll need to strain out the THC from your weed buds. And that hash press might be a little pricey, but how else will you turn all that resin into bricks of hash you can sell?

Then, there are all the different tastes of the townsfolk to account for. Some are old school and like to roll spliffs. Good thing the mod includes a tobacco crop you can also use to make proper blunts.

After a few hours with the new weed mod for Stardew Valley, you’ll probably want to turn your entire farm into a grow op. Forget the kale and the cucumbers, it’s time to grow some cannabis.

After all, Smellyhippie_ outfitted the mod with different strains of cannabis, tobacco, and dozens of other items you’ll need to operate a successful, thriving grow.

Stay Tuned For An Edibles Update

The mod really covers everything—even the differences between female and male weed plants, which you’ll have to feminize to get the right seeds. And there’s still more to come.

Smellyhippie_ is telling players to expect a new addition to the mod that will add weed edibles of every type and variety to Stardew Valley. Use your weed crop to craft candies, brownies, cookies and more.

In game characters will even offer you new, more challenging recipes to really get your cannabis crop going. Things are about to get even more chill in Stardew Valley.

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