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Wendy’s Baconators Won’t Stop Police Dogs From Finding Your Stash

Wendy's Baconators Won't Stop Police Dogs From Finding Your Stash


Wendy’s Baconators Won’t Stop Police Dogs From Finding Your Stash

Wendy’s Baconators carry that unmistakable fast food smell of deliciously greasy beef and even greasier bacon.

But according to the Milton, West Virginia Police Department, not even the smell of all that meat is enough to throw a drug-sniffing police dog off the scent of marijuana.

In a post on its Facebook page, the police department explained that “hiding marijuana inside a cheeseburger will not keep our K9 from smelling it.”

The post was apparently made after cops busted someone for trying to hide their stash in the middle of a Wendy’s Baconator.

The whole thing began when cops approached a group of people at a Sheetz gas station. The group was hanging around what officers describe as a “suspicious vehicle.”

At some point during the interaction, the officers apparently decided to bring in a drug-sniffing dog. The dog managed to look past the mouthwatering smells of beef, bacon, and melted cheese to identify a little baggie of something special hidden inside the burger.

The burger—and more importantly, the weed stashed inside it—belonged to one of the men in the group.

He had less than 15 grams of marijuana, and officers gave him a ticket for marijuana possession.

The cops who gave the man the ticket said they could have actually arrested him.

“We could have taken them to jail,” Milton police officer Sean Beckett said. “It’s a jailable offense, but with a little amount like that, a lot of times it’s just a possession citation.”

Shortly after the incident, the police department decided to have a little fun with the whole thing by writing about it on Facebook.

After making it very clear that cop dogs won’t be tricked by Wendy’s Baconators, they shared a couple details from the incident.

“Naturally the suspect’s statement when the officers found the marijuana was, ‘I just got that burger. They must have put it on there when I got it,'” the Facebook post said.

But like their drug-sniffing dogs, the cops weren’t fooled by the man’s explanation. Apparently Milton PD knows their burgers. shows that marijuana is not a standard ingredient for Wendy’s Baconators,” they wrote.

(Photo Credit: RestuarantNews)

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