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Fila Re-releases Tupac Sneaker

Fila Re-releases Tupac Sneaker


Fila Re-releases Tupac Sneaker

With All Eyez On Me due to come out in less than two weeks, Fila knew the move to make. Making its first appearance since 1996, the Fila 96GL is being re-released by Fila, advertised by NBA legend Grant Hill.

Fila: A 90’s Icon

Fila Re-releases Tupac Sneaker

Tupac Shakur is a legend. He completely changed the rap game in the 90’s and will never be forgotten. In addition, he has had a loyal following during and following his death in 1996. Not only did people love his music, but they wanted to be him.

So it’s no secret that in 1996 when Tupac repped the Fila 96GL sneakers in the liner notes of his album All Eyez ON Me, the sneakers became must-haves. During their release in the 90’s, this sneaker design reached the popularity of Air Jordans. They were popularized by another hugely popular NBA star, Grant Hill. The rest is history.

Perfect Timing

Fila Re-releases Tupac Sneaker

The release of Tupac’s biopic is not the only reason that this shoe release was well timed. More and more, whether it is just socially or on the fashion runway, 90’s trends and styles are all coming back. This re-emergence of bold styles has made it the perfect time for Fila to join in on the game. They have had recent success already, collaborating with top designers on some great new ideas. This re-edition of the Fila 96GL will only help to propel the company forward as they continue their hot streak.

There is no set release date for the sneakers, there was an announcement that the design can be bought in various sets of color patterns. This will not only help to appeal to a larger audience, but it also holds true to the original designs which had various colors for buyers to choose from. It is almost certain at this point that Fila has again become a contender in the shoe game.

Eric Griffin

Eric Griffin is an LA-based writer and artist. His work has been featured in the Huffington Post and past catalogs for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

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