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How To Make Your Own Organic Cannabis Fertilizer

Cannabis Fertilizer: How To Make Your Own


How To Make Your Own Organic Cannabis Fertilizer

When you make cannabis fertilizer you know exactly what’s in it. And when you feed your plant natural ingredients you know you’re getting the cleanest buds.

Growing cannabis is basically like becoming a parent. It’s your job to take care of your baby plant. And that means watering it, giving it enough light, and feeding it. One of the most important aspects of growing weed is giving your plant the right mix of nutrients. To do that, you can buy pre-made fertilizer. But many growers like going a more natural route. When you make your cannabis fertilizer you know exactly what’s in it. And when you feed your plant natural ingredients you know you’ll be getting the cleanest buds possible.

Introduction To Cannabis Fertilizer

Cannabis Fertilizer: How To Make Your Own

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There are three primary nutrients your cannabis plants need. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. But they need different ratios depending on where they’re at in the life cycle. When your plants are in the early vegetative stage, they need a lot of nitrogen and potassium and a lower dose of phosphorous.

Later on, in the flowering phase, they need higher amounts of phosphorous and potassium, but lower levels of nitrogen. Getting the right mix of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium is the foundation to feeding your cannabis plants a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Commercial Fertilizer vs. Homemade Fertilizer

There are pros and cons to both options. Commercial fertilizer use special mixes to feed plants. They can be very precise and easy to use. And because of that precision, they tend to produce impressive results.

But there are also downsides. Many smokers say that using chemical fertilizer produces buds that aren’t as clean, good-smelling, or tasty as organic ones. And there could be some health concerns as well. Some chemical marijuana fertilizers and pesticides may contaminate buds with stuff you might not want in your body.

Going with homemade cannabis fertilizer can be a great option. That’s because you can make your own organic plant food that doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals. And many smokers prefer buds from plants that have been fed natural fertilizers. These buds tend to taste and smell better.


Cannabis Fertilizer: How To Make Your Own


Composting is one of the best ways to make cannabis fertilizer at home. And it’s much simpler than you might think. When you compost, you turn food scraps and other plant waste into beautiful, rich fertilizer.

The easiest way to compost is to collect all your plant waste in a container in the backyard. The container can be a specially designed compost bin that you buy from a hardware store.

Or you can make your own out of any large bin or container. Just be sure there’s plenty of air holes because you need air circulation.

Once you’ve got your compost bin all set up, start throwing all your plant waste in there. This includes stuff from your kitchen, leaves, grass clippings, and anything else.

The only plants you don’t want to add are dangerous weeds. You also shouldn’t put any meat, animal feces, or animal waste in your compost.

As you accumulate materials, use a shovel or pitchfork to turn it over regularly. Add water from time to time, and be sure it’s got good air circulation. All of this will help speed up the decomposition process. And soon you’ll have rich compost. You can now mix it directly into your soil before planting.

Alternatively, you can make compost tea. Fill a bucket 1/3 of the way with compost. Then top it off with water. Let it sit for three to four days. Then strain it out and use the water as cannabis fertilizer for your plants.

Other Homemade Cannabis Fertilizer Options

There are a bunch of other things you can use to feed your cannabis plants.

  • Banana peels have a lot of potassium. Add these to your compost. Or bury them in your soil and let them break down directly in your growing space.
  • Try mixing egg shells into your growing medium. This will add essential nutrients like calcium.
  • Soak seaweed in water for two to three weeks.  Then use the water to feed your plants. This nutrient-rich solution will help strengthen your plants.
  • If you’re making compost tea, you can add molasses to the mix for some extra nutrition.

You Can Even Use Your Urine

Cannabis Fertilizer: How To Make Your Own

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That’s right, even urine can be used to feed your plants. But don’t pee directly on them. You need to dilute your urine first. Otherwise, it’ll overpower your plants.

Mix one cup of urine (be sure you’re not sick and that you’re healthy) with eight cups of water. Then use it to water your plants.

Urine is rich in nitrogen. And it also has a decent amount of phosphorous and potassium as well. The perfect combo for feeding cannabis plants.

The Final Hit

Clearly, there are numerous options for feeding your plants. Whatever you do, you need to be conscious about regularly giving them the nutrients they need. Light and water alone aren’t enough. They need the right kind of food. Test out some of the ideas in this article and see what works best for you and your plants. A well-fed pot plant will be happy and healthy. And in return, it will give you tons of beautiful and potent buds.

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