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The Ultimate Marijuana Firecracker Recipe

The Ultimate Marijuana Firecracker Recipe


The Ultimate Marijuana Firecracker Recipe

Sometimes, you just want to whip up a cannabis edible without too much effort. Behold, the humble marijuana firecrackers recipe for all to enjoy.

How To Make A Marijuana Firecracker

Baking marijuana edibles can be intimidating for the first-time cannabis chef. And with “ganja-gourmet” becoming a hot trend, sometimes it’s hard to find recipes that are simple and straightforward. Sometimes, you just want to whip up a cannabis edible without too much effort. Behold, the humble marijuana firecracker.

The brilliance is in the simplicity. Ultimately, it’s just freshly ground flowers, peanut butter, and graham crackers. We love them because they’re quick and easy to make, they don’t take a whole bag of weed, and they get you baked the whole day through.

What You’ll Need

  1. 0.5g weed per cracker
    • don’t worry if that seems too low: you can always eat another firecracker!
  2. Tasty graham crackers, I usually use Nabisco or HoneyMaid. Go for the cinnamon grahams if you can!
  3. High-fat Peanut butter. The higher the fat, the better!
    • Or for even more deliciousness, substitute Nutella or mix with the peanut butter!
  4. Something small to mix your weed & peanut butter
    • Pro tip: toothpicks work best
  5. Enough aluminum foil to cover your crackers
  6. An oven… obviously. Toaster ovens work fantastically in my experience if you can set the temperature accurately.

You need to decarboxylate your cannabis first. To release the full potential of marijuana’s psychoactive effects, you have to decarboxylate your weed

How To Make A Marijuana Firecracker

Step 1: Bake Your Marijuana

  1. Preheat oven to 25o degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius), and wait 10 minutes for it to heat up.
  2. While waiting, grab a small bowl to collection your marijuana after it has been through the oven.
  3. Put the weed in the oven, and set the timer for 15 minutes, which should be plenty.
  4. How do you know if your nugs are baked? Pinch them and if they fall apart into dust, you are golden.
  5. Now keep your weed to the side for one moment.

How To Make Marijuana Firecrackers

Step 2: Assemble Your Marijuana Firecracker

  1. Heat the oven up to 300 degrees F (150 C). Spread one side of each of your crackers with a THICK layer of peanut butter. About half an inch. Seriously. The more fats, the more THC, will be absorbed.
  2. Evenly sprinkle your baked weed on the peanut butter.
  3. Use a toothpick to stir and mix and fold your cannabis into the peanut butter.
    • The more mixed up, the better. So take your time with this step!
  4. Now add a second graham cracker on top and sandwich them together.

Step 3: Bake Your Marijuana Firecracker

  1. Sandwich the remaining peanut butter crackers to the ones containing weed and give them a gentle squish together.
  2. Now, completely wrap your firecrackers in aluminum foil.
  3. Put them in the oven and set the timer for 20 minutes.

Step 4: Enjoy! You’re Now An Official Cannabis Chef!

  1. Wait till the crackers cool down a little.
  2. Then chow down!

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