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Where Can I Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

Where Can I Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor?


Where Can I Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

The first step to getting medical marijuana for yourself is finding a doctor to prescribe it. This guide shows you how to find a medical marijuana doctor.

Find A Medical Marijuana Doctor

The first step to getting medical marijuana for yourself is finding a doctor who will prescribe it to you. Unfortunately, the topic of medicinal cannabis is still controversial, and not all doctors are willing to prescribe it. However, finding pro-marijuana doctors is easy. Follow this guide, and you’ll know exactly where to find a medical marijuana doctor.

1. Check the Status of Medical Marijuana in Your State

Where Can I Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

First and foremost, you need to be sure that your state allows for the prescription of medical marijuana at all. If you’re in a state where cannabis is completely prohibited, then finding a doctor to prescribe it to you will, unfortunately, be impossible. Find your state here to check the legal status of cannabis in your location.

If your state does allow for medical marijuana, the next step is to check its list of qualifying conditions for the prescription. Some states will allow a prescription for a broad range of ailments, while others may only consider a select few diseases as treatable with cannabis.

Select your state on this website, and see if your condition is on the list. If it is, you’re well on your way to getting yourself a medical marijuana prescription. If it’s not, you may still be able to get a prescription by finding the right doctor; some physicians are more open minded than others.

2. Get a Referral

The majority of primary care physicians will not be willing to prescribe you with medical marijuana themselves, but many of them will happily give you a referral to a doctor who will. If your doctor is cooperative in doing this, the process of getting your medical marijuana prescription will be much easier. This way, your doctor can send all your medical information directly to the office of the marijuana doctor so that he or she can evaluate your condition. Then it’s as simple as going to the new office and obtaining your prescription.

If your doctor is unwilling or unable to give you a referral, that’s okay too. Instead, simply ask for your most recent health records as they pertain to your condition. The next step will be finding a medical marijuana doctor yourself, and he or she will want access to these records.

3. Search Online for a Medical Marijuana Doctor Near You

Where Can I Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

If you couldn’t get a referral, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites you can use to search in your area for a doctor. You can check the directory of Leafly, Weedmaps, or for starters; one of those three directories can surely point you in the right direction.

When you find a prospective doctor, be sure to do a little research before you commit. A quick Google search will turn up reviews of their business. If fellow patients have had positive experiences, that’s a great sign that you can move forward with the doctor you’ve chosen.

4. Schedule an Appointment

Now’s the time to pull the trigger. Some doctor’s offices will allow you to schedule an appointment online, but others may require you to call. Either way, go ahead and schedule your appointment once you feel confident the doctor in question is right for you.

Some locations may not require an appointment and will allow for walk-ins. That’s totally fine, but be prepared for a potentially long wait.

5. See the Medical Marijuana Doctor

Where Can I Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

All the hard work is behind you, and you’re ready to go into the office to see the doctor. Make sure you bring a valid ID, your medical records, and some cash, as most offices will require a co-pay for a visit.

Once you’re inside, approach the encounter like any other doctor’s appointment. Be forthright and answer any questions the doctor may have for you. If you did your research, you should be out of there in no time with your medical marijuana prescription.

6. Find a Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Fill Your Prescription

That ‘prescription’ you now have is technically called a “recommendation,” and it’s the documentation you need to visit a medical marijuana dispensary. Unlike other prescriptions, you don’t go to your local pharmacy to get your medical marijuana. You go to special locations called “dispensaries.”

Finding a dispensary is easy and can also be done online. Weedmaps is probably the most popular website for this purpose; just input your location, and a map of local dispensaries will pop right up.

If you’re looking for a particular strain, or for a place that sells edibles, tinctures, or another more ‘specialized’ form of medication, Leafly’s product explorer may be helpful for you. Still, it’s best to call before you go to confirm if your location carries what you need.

The Final Hit

Where Can I Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

The process of finding a medical marijuana doctor may seem daunting at first, but it’s actually a relatively simple process. With the help of this guide, you should be able to find an excellent doctor in no time at all. Then you can enjoy your 100% legal prescription of cannabis whenever you need.

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