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Too High? Try These Tricks to Bring You Back to Earth

Too High? Try These Tricks to Bring You Back to Earth


Too High? Try These Tricks to Bring You Back to Earth

Getting a good cannabis buzz going is one of the best feelings in the world. THC is truly a beautiful thing. But what happens when you get too high? You know, when you can’t get yourself to move off the couch.

When you stop caring about everything that’s going on around you. Or you find yourself playing the same video game level over and over, not realizing you’re stalling. Maybe you start to think you’re the next Steve Jobs, the next great innovator of our time. Or maybe, you start to get super paranoid and are like 110% sure the world is about to end.

Fear not! We have some helpful tricks to bring you back down to earth when you’re just too damn high for your own good. Hopefully, you’ll start feeling better fast, and maybe think twice before you smoke that much again.

Easy, Quick Ways to Come Down From Your Crazy High

Too High? Try These Tricks to Bring You Back to Earth

Drink lots of water. Like, at least a liter, or eight glasses worth. Getting yourself some good H20 is a great first step in calming down your über-high. It also helps your body begin to detox. If you can’t stand the taste of water (trust me, you aren’t the only one), try drinking fruit juice, Gatorade, or seltzer. Skip the coffee and energy drinks for now. They can make you feel more sluggish and irritable once their initial effects wear off.

Eat something greasy and no-good. And no, we don’t mean an edible. That will only make it worse. Research backs that fatty foods bind to endocannabinoids. Research backs that fatty foods bind to endocannabinoids, meaning your body will absorb the THC faster. And hopefully, lessen your high. So feel free to indulge in a rack of ribs or a juicy burger when you’re way too high. Use this strategy in moderation, as you’ll probably start to pack on the pounds if use this strategy every single time.

Take some deep breaths. If you’re totally bugging out, you need to work on calming down your parasympathetic nervous system. It’s one of three divisions our nervous systems and is associated with our fight-or-flick response. To calm it down, try taking some really deep breaths, in and out. Hold your breath in between inhales and exhales. Paranoid? Remind yourself that everything is gonna be alright. Play some Bob Marley if need be.

Other Ways to Come Back Down to Earth

Too High? Try These Tricks to Bring You Back to Earth

Chew some peppercorn. Okay, we know this sounds wacky as hell. But research shows that pepper, like weed, has a “phytocannabinoid-terpenoid effect.” Basically, this means that it works on the brain’s natural cannabinoid receptors, which, when activated, can really help to calm you down. If you’re not up for chewing peppercorn, try at least giving it a good sniff after grinding it down. Your paranoia should instantly alleviate.

Get outside and move. Feeling too high to function? You may need some sunlight, fresh air, and a bit of exercise. Go for a long walk down your block. This will help get your blood flowing, which will doubly help your body and brain start to detox. Exercise also releases endorphins, which is a massive natural stress killer. You don’t have to overdo it;  a long, brisk stroll in nature might just be the ticket.

Talk to a friend. Sounds simple, but positive social interaction has an amazing propensity to boost our moods and distract us from what’s bothering us. That’s what friends are for, right? Talking to a friend and laughing about how you’re way too high can not only calm you down but get you a good buddy to warn you next time before you smoke too much bud.

Take a cold shower. Cold water is hyper-stimulating. Taking an icy cold shower will immediately slow down your heart rate (your body does this on instinct to stay alive). This will, in turn, relax you, and hopefully ease your anxiety and wake you up a bit.

If All Else Fails and You’re Still Too High…

Too High? Try These Tricks to Bring You Back to Earth

Lie down and relax. Your body needs time before the THC is fully absorbed through your system. Sometimes the best thing to do is pop your earbuds in, turn on some relaxing music, lie down and just wait it out. Better yet, take a nap. Your dreams will likely be bizarre, but you’ll probably feel much better in a couple of hours.

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