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How To Buy Legal Weed In Oregon

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How To Buy Legal Weed In Oregon

Whether you’re a medical patient or a recreational user, you’ll love Oregon’s cannabis scene. This guide will show you how to buy legal weed in Oregon.

If you’re wondering how to buy legal weed in Oregon, wonder no more. This simple, comprehensive guide explains the fastest and easiest way to enjoy recreational cannabis in The Beaver State.

What To Know About Recreational Weed Laws in Oregon

Like many other states that have legalized recreational weed, Oregon slowly rolled out the program. At first, in 2015, the law only allowed people to use marijuana for recreation, but not to purchase weed from a store.

Then, in 2016, you could buy recreational cannabis, but only from licensed medical cannabis dispensaries. In other words, there were no stand-alone recreational weed storefronts. Furthermore, you could only purchase flower, plants, and seeds. Unless you had a medical cannabis card, edibles and concentrates weren’t for sale.

Now, recreational cannabis is in full swing. There are dedicated storefronts, and customers can purchase any cannabis product, including edibles and concentrates. So just last year, this guide would have been much more complicated. But now, figuring out how to buy legal weed in Oregon is about as simple as it gets.

Before You Leave For Oregon

How To Buy Legal Weed In Oregon

Thankfully, Oregon makes it easy for residents and non-residents alike to buy legal weed. Under Oregon’s legal weed law, anyone 21 years of age or older can purchase and use recreational marijuana.

So you don’t need to live in the state, have an Oregon address, or even an Oregon ID. All you’ll need is some kind of government-issued ID that verifies you are of age to purchase and consume legal cannabis.

Even better, you don’t need any special card or documentation for recreational purchases or use. Members of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program may still use their cards for certain benefits. But they are no longer a requirement for purchasing things like edibles, concentrates, and other cannabinoid products.

One last thing you’ll need is cash. Federal prohibitions prevent legal cannabis businesses from using banks and other financial services.

But if traveling with cash makes you nervous, there is an alternative. A few Oregon cannabis shops have adopted CanPay, an app-based payment system that lets you buy legal weed in Oregon without cash. It works kind of like PayPal and Venmo.

It’s also a good idea to do a little research before you travel. Check out reviews for the storefronts located in the area you’ll be staying. Many businesses offer deals and discounts for new and first-time customers.

How To Buy Legal Weed In Oregon Once You Arrive

Buying legal weed in Oregon as a tourist couldn’t be easier. Just make sure you have your ID with you, and head to any recreational cannabis store you want.

But here’s an important tip: do not try to buy recreational weed at a medical marijuana dispensary!

As of January 2017, Oregon passed a new set of regulations ending medical dispensaries’ ability to make recreational weed sales. Between 2015 and 2017, medical dispensaries were the only place recreational users could purchase pot.

But with new rules for the recreational market in effect in 2017, recreational users can only purchase cannabis at licensed recreational-only stores.

This is actually a good thing for recreational consumers. It means that their cannabis will be taxed at a lower rate. The drawback, for now at least, is that there are fewer places to buy.

So make sure to head to a recreational weed store, and not a medical dispensary!

What To Expect At The Dispensary

How To Buy Legal Weed In Oregon

Once you’ve chosen the perfect recreational storefront for you, here’s how to buy.

  1. Bring your documents. Make sure to bring your government-issued ID with you
  2. Register. When you enter, expect some security. The front-desk clerk will check your ID and verify your age. Then you’ll be added or checked into an electronic system that keeps a registry of all customers. After this process, you’ll hear a small buzz as the electronic lock to the promised land releases.
  3. Take your time. Don’t be shy about looking around and asking questions about products that are unfamiliar or exciting to you. Enjoy the process of examining the different strains under lights and magnifying glasses. Take a close look at those sparkling trichomes. Budtenders will help you decide, so don’t forget to tip!
  4. Buy wisely. When you enter the dispensary, try to contain your excitement! If you’re new to this, you’ll be overwhelmed by the choices. On top of that, budtenders are eager to upsell, and prices drop if you buy more. Thus, it can be very easy to walk out with way more than you could ever hope to eat, dab, smoke, or vape.
  5. Don’t hang around. Finally, absolutely do not touch or open your products after you buy them. Your budtender will package your goodies up in a discreet container. You may be excited to peep at them on your way out of the store. But it’s illegal to consume cannabis in public. And dispensaries are tightly regulated and could get in serious trouble for this. So once you receive your purchase, it’s time to leave. Get a safe distance away from the store before you peep your stash.

Where Can You Enjoy Your Legal Weed

How To Buy Legal Weed In Oregon

Now that you bought some legal weed, it’s yours to enjoy! You can keep it all to yourself, or gift some of it to other adults 21 and over. But one thing you can’t do is enjoy it anywhere in public. Legally, you can only consume cannabis, smoking or otherwise, in a private residence.

Finally, here are a couple of other points of the legal weed law to keep in mind. First, you can only have up to an ounce on your person at any one time. In your private residence, you can have up to a half pound of dried herb.

Other personal possession limits are 16 ounces of solid or edible cannabinoid product, 72 ounces of liquid cannabinoid product, 5 grams of extracts or concentrates in any form, four plants, and ten marijuana seeds.

Final Hit: How To Buy Legal Weed In Oregon

So to sum up, here’s how to buy legal weed in Oregon.

  1. Paperwork. A government-issued photo ID verifying you are of-age.
  2. Do some research ahead of time to find dedicated recreational weed stores. You can’t purchase at medical dispensaries without a card.
  3. Register at a dispensary.
  4. Enjoy your legal cannabis in a private place.

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