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Indica or Sativa, Which One Is For You? [Quiz]

Indica or Sativa, Which One Is For You? [Quiz]


Indica or Sativa, Which One Is For You? [Quiz]

Indica or Sativa Quiz

For anyone aiming to become a cannasseur, understanding the differences between indica and sativa strains is a fundamental piece of ganja knowledge. There are differences between cannabis strains in everything from plant size and shape to flowering times to the high a plant’s buds produce. Without wasting any more time, here’s your guide to basic cannabis strains, indica or sativa.


Indica vs. Sativa, What's the difference

Most people who study this sort of stuff believe that cannabis indica originated throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, and some parts of Northern Africa.

Cannabis indica plants look basically like short, stocky, super leafy, thick bushes. The leaves of an indica plant are fatter and fuller, and so are the buds, which are short and bulky.

Indica plants hit their flowering phase relatively quickly, somewhere around the 6-10 week mark, and if you’re smelling skunk, you’ve probably got indica.

As far as the final product goes, indica strains traditionally produce thick smoke and give users a heavy, lazy-feeling, body high.

If you just smoked up and find yourself pretty much stuck on the couch for the rest of the night, odds are you took a ride on the indica train.


Indica vs. Sativa, What's the difference

Experts say that cannabis sativa is indigenous to some equatorial locations around the globe.

In many ways an inverse of c. indica, sativa strains produce tall, leggy, more tree-looking plants. The buds are also longer and skinnier.

Sativa plants take longer to flower, hitting their flowering phase around 8-14 weeks, and when they do flower, their buds are often described as smelling sweet, spicy, or tangy.

Generally speaking, sativa buds produce a more cerebral high that can make some people feel energetic, spacey, and creative.

Don’t Forget Ruderalis

Indica or Sativa, Which One Is For You?

In the name of thoroughness, we can’t forget the humble cannabis ruderalis. Sometimes called “ditch weed,” this strain of cannabis is the one that produces hemp.

It doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, but its fibers can be used to make a variety of textiles and its seeds have tons of health properties.

The Hybrid Game

Indica or Sativa, Which One Is For You?

While all the info you just read summarizes the main differences between c. indica and c. sativa, cannabis cultivation has dramatically altered nearly every aspect of the plant.

By creating hybrid strains that combine elements from both sativa and indica plants, and then blending one hybrid with another hybrid to create an entirely new hybrid, we’ve created a dizzying array of marijuana strains.

This means that although at one point the general rule that sativa plants have higher THC: CBD ratios while indica plants have higher CBD: THC ratios may have been true, it’s not necessarily so anymore.

Cultivators have managed to create strains that are super high in THC and others that are super high in CBD. It’s all about what you’re looking for.

At this point, cannabis growers have engineered such a huge number of cannabis strains that you can fine tailor and hand select a strain that will give you precisely what you want.

With all this in mind, understanding the primary, fundamental differences between sativa and indica is still a necessary starting place for intelligently exploring this increasingly wide world of weed.

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