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What Is Loud Weed?

What Is Loud Weed?


What Is Loud Weed?

You may have heard or seen someone refer to their bag of weed as “loud weed.” What is loud weed?

What is loud weed? Is it a specific strain or grown a certain way like hydro? Does it make a sound? Most of the time loud is used to describe the quality of the weed. We’ll go over everything you need to know about loud weed.

Why Call It Loud Weed?

What Is Loud Weed?

Every once in a while our noses come across a strain that smells so intense that saying it stinks isn’t enough. We need to create a whole new word to describe it. A similar word you may be familiar with is “dank.”

But where does the term loud come from? Have you ever had someone clap right next to your ear? It probably caused you to physically react.

There are harvests of weed that can cause a similar reaction. Have you ever opened a bag that smells so much your head is tossed aback? If so, you’ve experienced loud weed.

Sometimes a sense from one part of the body can trigger another sense elsewhere. This phenomenon is referred to as synesthesia. So saying cannabis is loud can be a hyperbole used to describe the smell. Calling your buds loud is saying the smell is so intense that it caused you to describe the sound rather than the smell.

Loud is essentially slang for super smelly weed which some people take to be an indication of high quality.

What Makes One Strain Louder?

What Is Loud Weed?

The “loudness” of each strain is determined by the terpenes present in nugs. Terpenes are responsible for the unique smells that help us distinguish various strains. They are both made in trichomes and they work together to maximize effects.

Studies have found terpenes can provide medical benefits so loud weed could be better for you. Growers are starting to focus on increasing the terpene levels instead of just THC and CBD.

Cannabis connoisseurs are caring more and more about their weeds aroma. Many use smells as a deciding factor when choosing strains at the dispensary. Flavor and smell have become so important there are concentrates dedicated to terpene preservation. For example, live resin is made with freshly frozen cannabis.

Drying cannabis leads to a loss in terpenes. So using buds that were frozen immediately after harvest to make loud dabs. Live resin was the fastest growing cannabis product last year illustrating the increasing fascination in aroma and flavor. Concentrate connoisseurs are constantly on the hunt for “terpier” dabs.

Final Hit: What is Loud Weed?

What Is Loud Weed?

Loud weed is slang for a good thing. In short, it means high quality and pungent. So if your friend says they got the loud on deck you should pull up. The slang of the cannabis community is evolving. Terms like dank are being exchanged with words like “fire” and “loud.” Mix it up with different smoke circles and you’ll stay up to date on the latest lingo.

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