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How To Make Your Own Cannabis Bath Bombs For A Super Relaxing Soak

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Bath Bombs For A Super Relaxing Soak


How To Make Your Own Cannabis Bath Bombs For A Super Relaxing Soak

There are so many ways to enjoy cannabis. Most people, however, are only familiar with a few: smoking and eating it. But there’s a whole world of cannabis experiences waiting for you which involve neither smoking nor eating it. And that world is the world of “topicals.” Topicals are medicinal applications of cannabis that you put on your body and absorb through your skin, and they include things like weed-infused lotions, ointments, and even cannabis bath bombs.

The aim of using topicals isn’t to get high. Instead, cannabis bath bombs and other topicals are ideal for skin care. They can help prevent skin’s aging, and their antioxidant powers can help with eczema, psoriasis, and other skin issues.

And in the world of topicals, cannabis bath bombs are becoming insanely popular. That’s because there’s no better way to enjoy a super-relaxing soak than with cannabis bath bombs. Here’s how to make your own.

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Bath Bombs

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Bath Bombs For A Super Relaxing Soak

Making homemade cannabis bath bombs may seem like a lot of trouble, but the reward is worth the work, and then some. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to take a bath without them again.

Here’s what you need to get started. First of all, this recipe assumes you don’t have any cannabis coconut oil handy. So there’s a section of ingredients and instructions for making your own further down.

Coconut cannabis oil is the key to this entire project. It’s what infuses THC and all those other cannabinoids into the cannabis bath bombs. Coconut cannabis oil also has a lot of health properties. The combo may even help treat certain types of cancer.

What You Need For Your Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are designed to fizz and sparkle and foam and create all kinds of amazing colors, smells, and sensations. To make your own, get your hands on

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup citric acid (note: you can find this in the canning supplies section of your grocery store)
  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • 1 tablespoon Witch Hazel (note: you can find this at your local pharmacy)
  • 20 drops of essential oil (note: this is where you get to choose the scent combination for your bath bombs)
  • 5 drops food coloring (note: this is where you choose the color your bath bombs will impart to your bath water)
  • 3 tablespoons cannabis coconut oil (see recipe below!)

In the kitchen, you’ll want to have

  • a large mixing bowl
  • another bowl
  • a sieve
  • latex or nitrile gloves
  • 2 small Dixie cups
  • a mixing spoon
  • cookie sheet and wax paper
  • measuring cups and spoons

Luckily, making the bath bombs is the easier part of the equation. So if you already have some cannabis oil, you’ll be done in no time.

To The Kitchen: Making Your Cannabis Bath Bombs

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Bath Bombs For A Super Relaxing Soak

First, use the sieve to mix the baking soda, citric acid, and corn starch. And in the other bowl, add the Witch Hazel, essential oil, food coloring, and your cannabis coconut oil. They won’t blend yet, but it’s all good.

Now, it’s time to put on your gloves. Then, slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry stuff in the large mixing bowl, using your hands to gently knead everything together.

Go slow. You want to minimize foaming and the reactions of the citric acid. A little foam is fine, but keep an eye on it.

Ultimately, your goal should be to end up with a well-blended mix that feels like a damp powder. If the color from the dye is even, that’s a good sign you’re good to go!

Next, use the Dixie cups (or whatever small cup) as the mold for shaping your bath bombs. Drop about 1/4 cup of the mixture into the cup and pack it as tightly as possible.

Then, just flip the cup over and tap on the bottom so that your newly formed bath bomb pops out onto the wax-paper covered cookie sheet. Do this until you use up all of your mixture. You should end up with about a dozen bath bombs.

Now it’s a waiting game. Depending on the heat and humidity of your environment, your cannabis bath bombs could take anywhere from 1-3 days to completely dry. Once they do, package them in a tight jar or bag and store them in the fridge.

Just like that, you’re ready to take your baths to a totally different level of comfort and relaxation. Here’s how to use them. It’s simple. Run a warm bath, toss in a cannabis bath bomb, and soak in the tub for 20-30 minutes.

How To Make Cannabis Coconut Oil For Your Bath Bombs

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Bath Bombs For A Super Relaxing Soak

This recipe makes one full cup of cannabis coconut oil, but your bath bombs only need three tablespoons or about 1/6th of a cup. Making one cup of cannabis coconut oil will be an investment.

In other words, you’ll need about two ounces of cannabis all told, and that can get expensive. So feel free to modify this recipe for smaller (or larger!) batches as you see fit.

Here are the ingredients:

  • naturally refined coconut oil
  • distilled water
  • 18 grams dried and cured medical cannabis buds
  • 37 grams cannabis plant trimmings (note: this includes the leaves, but never the stems, of the cannabis plant).

And here’s what you’ll need in the kitchen:

  • a French press or other fine strainer for pressing out liquid
  • a medium-sized slow cooker
  • large bowl or pot
  • latex or nitrile gloves
  • gold coffee filter or a fine sieve

Making incredible cannabis coconut oil isn’t rocket science, but it does require patience and attention to detail. The first step is easy.

Use the slow cooker to melt one cup of coconut oil. Grind up your dried cannabis and toss it into the melted oil. The idea behind using trimmings and buds is the “whole plant” philosophy.

Different cannabinoids exist in different concentrations in different parts of the plant, but they all combine for a synergistic “entourage effect” that many think is the secret to cannabis’ potent medical benefits.

Next, add in five cups of distilled water. Unfortunately, folks tend to forget or skip this step. But the water acts as a buffer and filter. For one, it protects the cannabis from getting too hot and torching the cannabinoids. Furthermore, the water filters out some of the plant matter you don’t need.

Wait For It . . .

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Bath Bombs For A Super Relaxing Soak

Crank the slow cooker to high for an hour, stirring frequently. Then, turn it as low as it will go and let the mixture cook and steep for anywhere from four to 24 hours, stirring occasionally. Wait as long as you can. The longer, the more potent your cannabis coconut oil will be.

That’s because the heat does a couple of important things. For one, it decarboxylates — or activates — the THC in the bud. Also, it helps pull all those cannabinoids out of the plant material and infuses it into the oil.

When you hit the desired time, let everything cool down to somewhere around 80 degrees. Use the French press to press out the liquid from the plant material. Work with small batches to get optimal results.

Take the water and oil mixture and put it in the fridge overnight. Once chilled, the coconut oil and water will have separated. Remove the top layer of hardened oil and dry on a paper towel. Toss the water.

You can continue to remelt the coconut oil and filter it through a sieve to remove the plant matter still clinging to it. Or you can leave it raw.

Your end result will be a highly potent coconut oil cannabis infusion that’s suitable for baking edibles or just applying directly to your skin. Hell, you can even use it as lube! Or of course, use it for making your own super-relaxing cannabis bath bombs.

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