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Make Your Own Cannabis Lip Balm In 4 Steps

Make Your Own Cannabis Lip Balm In 4 Steps


Make Your Own Cannabis Lip Balm In 4 Steps

How to Make Cannabis Lip Balm

There are many benefits to making homemade cannabis lip balm. For starters, it’s simpler and less time-consuming than cannabutter and herbal oils. Unlike the rest of human skin, lips do not secrete sebum which is a natural way the body balances moisture. Lips are also one of the more sensitive areas of the body. Therefore, they need more tender love and care in a safe and healthy way. Lip balms bought from the store run the risk of containing cancer-causing petrochemicals such as alcohol and silicon dioxide. Furthermore, artificial flavors do more harm than help to lips. Cannabis lip balm is made from real oils and extracts and therefore will naturally leave lips healthy and soft.

Here are the 4 main ingredients needed to make cannabis lip balm:

Make Your Own Cannabis Lip Balm In 4 Steps

2 Cups Coconut Oil, or any thicker based oils to get the solid consistency of lip balms. For a more fluid product, like a gloss, use olive, sunflower, or sesame oil. However, with liquid oils temperature is an issue to consider. For simplicity, coconut oil is the best ingredient.

28 Grams or 2 cups of your favorite marijuana. This must be ground into fine bits, nothing chunky.

2 Ounces Beeswax which can be found at natural or organic food stores.

2 Drops of Scented Essential Oils, this is a personal preference; however, be careful as some essential oils will take away the medical healing properties of the balm such as mint. Some proven oils to use are lavender, rosemary, tea tree, myrrh, cinnamon, and vitamin-e oil for added healing properties. Tea tree is a natural antiseptic and can be placed directly to skin, whereas lavender needs to be diluted. The properties of the essential oils will be displayed on the labels, check to see which one you would prefer.

Here’s how to make cannabis lip balm in 4 simple steps in your home:

Make Your Own Cannabis Lip Balm In 4 Steps

You’ll need a double boiler, cheese cloth for filtering, and containers to put the finished product such as a mason jar, tubes, or small lip balm containers.

Step 1 Grind and Decarboxylate the Cannabis

Grind 28 grams, approximately 2 cups, of weed. Make sure the cannabis is ground into very fine pieces. Place on a baking sheet and put in the oven at 240 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Keep an eye on them, so they do not burn.

Step 2 Boil the Oils and Mix

In a double boiler on low heat, mix 2 cups of coconut oil and 2 ounces of beeswax. Stir continuously until they have melted and mixed. Then add the marijuana. Keep stirring for 20-25 minutes to allow the THC to soak into the oil. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil after everything is mixed well.

Step 3 Pour

Using the cheese cloth to filter out the marijuana leaves, pour the hot mixture into the containers. That is a mason jar, tubes, or small metal containers. If concerned about making a mess, put the cheesecloth into a funnel and use the funnel to contain the pour.

Step 4 Store

Leave the containers open and in room temperature for an hour. The mixture will cool down and begin to solidity. After an hour, move the lip balm to the refrigerator. The coolness will further harden the balm.

And there you have it, with 4 ingredients and 4 simple steps you have made your cannabis lip balm.


-Coconut Oil
-Essential Oil (i.e. tea tree)
-Double Boiler
-Cheese Cloth
-Funnel (optional)

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