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How to Make Medical Grade Bubble Hash

How to Make Medical Grade Bubble Hash


How to Make Medical Grade Bubble Hash

A guide to making your own medical grade bubble hash at home.

Medical grade bubble hash is one of the cleanest types of cannabis extract in the world. That’s because there are no chemical solvents used to make it. Instead, it’s made using nothing more than ice, water, and a series of sieves. Because medical grade bubble hash is made without any nasty chemicals or toxins, it is an excellent choice for medical marijuana patients as well as health-conscious smokers.

The other good thing about medical grade bubble hash is that it’s super easy to make. Once again, that’s largely because you don’t have to worry about messing with chemical solvents. This guide will tell you how to make your own medical grade bubble hash at home.

Medical Grade Bubble Hash DIY

Besides the actual cannabis, the most important thing you need for this project is a set of “bubble bags.” These are simply nylon bags with a screen on the bottom that filters out the plant material from the water.

You buy bubble bags in a set. We suggest going with the standard set of eight bags. Each one has a different size screen in the bottom, and the bags are all designed to fit inside each other. When they’re all stacked up inside one another, it creates one big sieve that gets increasingly fine as you go.

Now that you know a little bit about bubble bags, here’s everything you will need to make medical grade bubble hash:

  • Set of 8 bubble bags, 20-gallon size
  • 20-gallon bucket
  • Electric hand mixer
  • Water
  • Tons of ice
  • Pressing Screen
  • Cannabis

Quick Note: When you are making medical grade bubble hash, you can use flower, leaves, stems, trim, shake, or a combo of it all. As long as it’s got trichomes—and pretty much every part of the cannabis plant has at least some trichomes on it—you can use it!

Step 1: Get Your Bubble Bags Ready

Start off by arranging your bubble bags in the bucket. Start with the bag that has the smallest filter. In the standard eight-bag set, it will usually be something around 25 microns. Simply push the bag down into the bucket and secure it by folding the top of the bag around the edges of the bucket.

Now put the bag with the next-smallest filter inside the 25-micron bag. This will usually be a bubble bag with a 45-micron filter. Do it just like you did the last one. Press the bubble bag down into the bucket and secure it in place by folding over the top.

Continue following this process until all eight bubble bags are inside each other and pressed into the bucket. Be sure you put the bag with the smallest filter in first and then gradually move up to the bag with the largest filter last.

The bubble bags have to go in order from the smallest filter to largest filter so you can sift out all the resin glands from the plant material without losing any of it.

Step 2: Add Water, Ice, and Cannabis

Now add some water to the bucket. Be sure it’s as cold as you can get it. This will keep the ice from melting too quickly. Next, dump in all your plant material. The more, the better. Finally, pour in a bunch of ice.

Step 3: Agitate

How to Make Medical Grade Bubble Hash

Once all the ice water and cannabis is in the bucket, it’s time to mix things up. Take your electric hand mixer, plug it in, and fire it up. Use it to mix everything in the bucket thoroughly.

Reminder: Don’t get so carried away you forget you’re holding an electrical appliance in your hand. Be sure you only put the whisks into the ice-water-cannabis mixture, not the entire mixer.

The idea here is that you are physically knocking all the resin-rich trichomes off the plant material. We use ice and water because the oily resin won’t dissolve into it. Instead, the resin heads simply fall through the water down to the screens at the bottom of your bubble bags.

Agitate the plant material as long as it takes to be sure you’ve hit it all. You don’t want to miss any trichomes, so be sure you’ve mixed it enough to knock them all off the plant and into the ice water. When you’re happy with it, let the whole thing rest for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Sift Out The Resin

Now it’s time to sift out the resin and see what you’ve got. You do this by slowly removing one bag at a time and harvesting whatever resin heads have collected on the filter.

Start with the largest one. It’s usually going to have a filter around 220 microns or so. Gently lift the bubble bag out of the bucket. Let the water run through the filter.

When all the water has drained, carefully turn the bag inside out and stretch it over the top of a large mixing bowl or another bucket. When it’s inside out like that the filter will now be on top of the bowl, stretched tight like the head of a drum.

Now you can use a clean spoon to scrape all the resin off the filter. Place it on a pressing screen to start drying.

This largest filter will probably still have some plant matter on it. The stuff that collects on this filter is typically not pure enough to turn into medical grade bubble hash. But it’s still got tons of cannabinoids so you can use it to make cannabutter, cannabis tincture, or cannabis simple syrup.

As you go through each filter, you will get increasingly fine resin heads. The stuff that gathers on the smallest filters will be your highest-quality resin. It will be jam-packed with potent THC. That’s the true medical grade bubble hash.

Step 5: Collect All Your Resin

From here, you simply go one bubble bag at a time. Carefully lift it up and let the water drain out into the bucket. Turn it inside out and stretch the filter over a bowl or another bucket. Scrape off the resin and place it on the pressing screen.

Pro Tip: When you put the resin heads on the pressing screen, keep them in separate piles according to the filter they came from. That means that by the end of this process you will have a whole series of resin piles. Keeping them separate lets you produce hash with different levels of purity. The stuff you get from the bubble bags with the smallest filters will be your best medical grade bubble hash.

Step 6: Dry, Cure, And Enjoy

Fold the top of the pressing screen down over your piles of resin. Gently press down, so they flatten into cookie-shaped blobs. Now let them dry for about 16 hours. Carefully flip them over and let them dry for another 8-10 hours.

You don’t want your hash to dry out too much, as this will degrade the overall quality. But you also don’t want to leave too much water in it, as this could lead to mold.

After they’ve dried, gently shape them into little patties. Let them dry for another 24 hours. Now wrap them in parchment paper and set them in a cool dark place to cure.

Let them rest for a couple of weeks. At that point, the hash should be cured. It should be pliable and slightly sticky, but not wet or crumbly to the touch. When you’ve achieved this, you can store your hash in an airtight container.

At this point, you’ve successfully made your own medical grade bubble hash. Now it’s time to enjoy yourself. You can smoke it, or if you are using your higher-grade stuff—the hash you got from the bubble bags with the smallest filters—you can dab it. One way or another, you are about to have a good time.

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