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7 Places To Keep Your Weed Stash Hidden In Plain Sight

7 Places To Keep Your Weed Stash Hidden In Plain Sight


7 Places To Keep Your Weed Stash Hidden In Plain Sight

Having quality places to keep your weed hidden from prying eyes or snooping narcs is one of the world’s greatest necessities.

Having quality places to keep your weed hidden from prying eyes or snooping narcs is one of the world’s greatest necessities. And as the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

There are countless guides on the internet with ideas on places to keep your weed hidden, but the problem with these guides is that they focus on hiding weed in your own home, where you live. On your own turf, the odds are dramatically in your favor. Besides, who really needs to know that you can stash a bag of weed in a coffee container or old electronics? Teens trying to hide cannabis from their parents, that’s who.

A far greater challenge is stepping out into the real world with your cannabis. Where to hide your stash then, when you’re out in public? That’s the focus of this guide. So here are 7 places to keep your weed hidden in plain sight.

1. Road Warrior

7 Places To Keep Your Weed Stash Hidden In Plain Sight

When you’re traveling, it’s important to have good places to keep your weed hidden. Transporting your cannabis from point A to point B is always a little risky. You never know when a zealous cop could turn a routine pull-over into a full-fledged search of all of your belongings.

You should have a few tricks up your sleeve if you find yourself riding dirty. Even in states where recreational adult-use cannabis is legal, getting behind the wheel while possessing cannabis can get you into trouble.

The trick is pretty simple: finding places to keep your weed hidden in plain sight is accomplished by thinking about the kind of things you usually have in your car that don’t arouse suspicion.

Then, all it takes is figuring out a way to stash your weed in them. One of the most popular methods is using a bottle of soda.

Everyone picks up a bottle or can of something when they take a road trip. So there’s nothing less suspicious than a bottle of pop, right? Especially if that bottle happens to have liquid in it.

This one is easy enough to make yourself, but you could save yourself the time and buy one. The key here is getting the branding right. With the right label, no one is going to suspect that a full bottle of soda has some ganja in it.

Just cut the bottle in half, and with waterproof sealing materials, create a compartment behind the bottle’s label. A bottle filled with liquid–especially the top and bottom clear parts–is one of the sneakiest places keep your weed stash hidden in plain sight.

As an alternative, “Stash Cans” can do the trick. The idea is the same. You create an “unopened” can by drilling a small hole to remove the liquid. Then, cut around the lid of the can to open it up. Put your weed in another container, like a pill bottle, inside the empty can. Use glue or something else to secure it so it doesn’t rattle around.

2. Fire It Up

7 Places To Keep Your Weed Stash Hidden In Plain Sight

If you find yourself in a situation where law enforcement is searching through your belongings, a lighter is bound to raise an eyebrow. What could they be using this for, hmmm?

You become even more suspicious if you don’t have any cigarettes on hand. So if you’re carrying weed, it’s always a good idea to have some smokes on you as well.

The cigarettes act as a decoy and as an alibi for your lighter. You can also smoke one to mask the smell of marijuana. Make sure the pack looks used, though, and has a few cigarettes missing.

While a lighter may raise suspicion that you’re using it to fire up an illicit herb, the lighter itself is never really the problem.

That’s why stashing your weed inside your lighter is one of the best places to keep your weed hidden.

Hide your stash inside of a lighter, or better yet, a working lighter, and you’ve turned the first thing they find into the last place they’ll look to try and bust you.

You’ll be laughing on the inside as they search high and low for your stash, never realizing that it’s in the lighter they’ve already taken from you. Just hope you get that lighter back!

Finally, you can combine stash spots 1 and 2 by turning your car’s old cigarette lighter into a hollowed out nug container. You won’t be able to hide much, but in a pinch, this is the way to go.

 3. Snack Attack!

7 Places To Keep Your Weed Stash Hidden In Plain Sight

When you’re out in public or on the road, you probably have some kind of snack with you. Whether it’s a bag of granola or a roll of cookies, people gotta eat.

Using that to your advantage means taking advantage of the boom in the cannabis edibles market. Today, you can infuse just about any food you can think of with cannabis oil.

With that in mind, it’s just a matter of masking the tell-tale scent of weed edibles with “regular” snacks, and you’re good to go.

Take, for example, the classic pot brownie. On its own, a sheet of pot brownies is going to smell a little bit differently from the way your parent used to make them!

But crumble those brownies up into bite-sized morsels, and toss them in a bag of trail mix. Now, you’ve camouflaged your weed edibles by surrounding them with non-cannabis infused snacks.

The best part: only you know which is which. Just make sure to give anyone who might want a snack a heads up that this is no ordinary bag of trail mix.

In fact, the camouflage trick works in any number of varieties. Include some cannabis infused chocolate chip cookies in a container with regular cookies, or a cannabis-infused beverage in a six-pack with regular drinks. It all works!

4. Write On!

7 Places To Keep Your Weed Stash Hidden In Plain Sight

Another time-tested strategy to keep your weed hidden in plain sight is putting it somewhere that’s too annoying to search or too small to arouse suspicion.

If you’re out in public with joints or blunts, for example, using writing utensils as joint holders is brilliant. No one is going to question why you have a pen, pencil, or highlighter in your car, pocket, or purse. And there’s not a strong likelihood that someone would bother taking apart individual writing utensils.

The sky is the limit with this trick. The most common approach is to remove the ink cartridge from pens and markers wide enough to hold a joint or two, or three. Just take off the back, pull out the ink cartridge, then rinse out the hollow body of the marker.

If there is a risk of being found out using this method, it’s only because it’s so well known. But with a little DIY determination and ingenuity, you can take things to the next level!

Have a drill and a 3/16″ drill bit? Try hollowing out a pencil. Simply remove the eraser from the top and drill, carefully, down the length of the pencil. Slide your joint in there and pop the eraser back on. No one is going to imagine you went through the trouble.

And again, going back to stash hiding method #3, camouflage is your friend. Make sure the marker or pencil that has your weed in it isn’t the only one you have on you. Mix up you stash markers with regular markers and pens. This will dramatically decrease the odds of your stash being found out.

5. Hygienic Hiding Places

7 Places To Keep Your Weed Stash Hidden In Plain Sight

If you’re on the go, on the road, or out in public, you’re probably bringing some bathroom supplies with you. People have to stay fresh! Another excellent hiding-in-plain-sight trick is to use the large plastic containers in your toiletry kit to stash your weed.

In order to make their products look bigger, companies pack things like deodorant and Axe Body Spray containers with all kinds of empty space. You don’t even have to use up all of the product to find enough space for an eighth of marijuana in it.

Actually, leaving some of the product inside can work wonders at masking the smell of your cannabis. It’s the camouflage principle again, only this time it uses smell instead of sight to mask the presence of your weed.

People with more extensive beauty regimes can take full advantage of this method. Spray water bottles are extremely common for styling hair or ironing clothes. With water in the main compartment and ganja in the secret bottom part, a good spray bottle can help keep your weed hidden in plain sight.

Actually, anything from hair brushes to lint rollers can be hollowed out, or already are, and used to stash a small supply of weed.

6. Book Worm

7 Places To Keep Your Weed Stash Hidden In Plain Sight

This method is, admittedly, more common around your own house than for heading out in public. But if you’re a student or a book worm, that is, someone who carries books regularly, this is a great method for you.

Using a box cutter and some wheat-paste or glue, you can create a hollowed-out book big enough or small enough to fit your entire portable rig or just a small bag of weed.

As with these other hidden-in-plain-sight techniques, make sure to carry at least one other book with you that you can actually pull out and thumb through.

Other tips to make the most out of this strategy: make sure the book is hardcover. Otherwise, the rigidity will give it away. And make sure the book is boring or inconspicuous enough that no one in their right mind would want to open it. Unless they wanted to get high, of course!

7. Smell Control

7 Places To Keep Your Weed Stash Hidden In Plain Sight

Ultimately, the best places to keep your weed hidden involve controlling the dank, delicious smell of your herb. If there’s no smell to arouse suspicion in the first place, there’s little to worry about as long as your stash is packed away somewhere safe.

Here’s where a little science comes into play. We smell things because tiny molecules drift into our nostrils and bind with smell receptors in our nose and sinuses.

If you have a container with an airtight seal, you’ve got nothing to worry about. But sometimes those containers are bulky and inconvenient to lug around. Plastic baggies are much more common. But the problem with plastic bags, and most don’t know this, is that they’re porous. In other words, there are tiny holes that let those molecules escape into the air, because these bags are made of cheap, thin plastic

If you find yourself out in public with weed on you regularly, it might be worth it to invest in some plastic bags designed to keep smells from leaking out. These bags are a little more pricey, but they’re worth it.

Plenty of retailers sell official cannabis-branded smell-proof bags. If you don’t want to pay the premium for those, however, look for plastic bags with a 90-micron density. This will ensure that the bag is thick enough and solid enough to keep the smell molecules from your weed inside the bag, where they belong. These bags will also keep your weed fresher, longer, and that’s a win-win.

So there you have it. This list of 7 places to keep your weed hidden in plain sight is bound to help you relax when you’re out and about with your stash.

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