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How to Roll up with A Fronto Leaf

How to Roll up with A Fronto Leaf


How to Roll up with A Fronto Leaf

Adding a Fronto leaf to a joint will make it burn as slow as a blunt. We’ll show you how to roll a joint with a Fronto leaf.

Fronto Leaf

Cali smokers prefer rolling blunts with Swishers but in New York Fronto is the preferred roll up method for many. In the fridges of bodegas in Brooklyn and Queens, you can find moist bags of Fronto leaf.

What is a Fronto Leaf?

Fronto leaf is a whole tobacco leaf grown in Jamaica or the Caribbeans. Lovers of Fronto leaf appreciate the deep, bold, and potent smoke it provides. Before it’s popularity in the tristate area, Fronto leaf tobacco was specifically enjoyed by Jamaicans and other Caribbean Islanders.

Fronto has also been called “Fanta” traditionally in Jamaican culture. Another term Jamaicans use for it is “Grabba,” but in the U.S. it is just called Fronto leaf. Jamaicans still use the terms “Grabba” and “Fanta” to distinguish between different kinds of Fronto leaf.

Why Use A Fronto Leaf?

For a regular blunt smoker, one of the main appeals is saving money. A whole Fronto leaf can get you about ten roll-ups for 5 dollars or less. Ten individual Dutches or Backwoods is going to cost you about 20 dollars.

Another appeal is the nicotine and tobacco content. Blunt smokers are used to a bit of tobacco in their smoke. However, the Fronto is going to provide more of a buzz than a Swisher Sweet. Adding a Fronto to a joint will make it burn as slow as a blunt. We’ll show you how to roll a joint with a Fronto.

How to Roll A Fronto Leaf

You’re going to need papers, bud, and a Fronto before you begin.

Step 1: Cut out a rectangle of Fronto the same size as your papers. When cutting, try to cut along the veins. The space between the larger veins is what you’ll be using to roll. Keep the leaf moist by breathing on it or licking it.

Step 2: Fold the Fronto rectangle in half, then fill the crease evenly with weed.

Step 3: Tuck the leaf around the weed like you would a normal blunt, then place it all in the crease of your joint paper.

Step 4: Tightly roll the joint paper around the weed-filled Fronto. Avoid any gaps between the Fronto leaf and paper. Gaps will cause the joint to burn unevenly.

Step 5: Once you’ve got the paper rolled as tightly around the Fronto as possible, lick it and stick it shut.

After these five steps, your Fronto should be ready for smoking.

The Final Hit

Marijuana enthusiasts who don’t partake in tobacco products at all may not find the Fronto experience enjoyable. There is an added buzz from the nicotine content of Fronto leaves, and non-nicotine smokers may find this nauseating. If you don’t want a nicotine buzz to try a less harsh cigarillo or joint paper, roll up. If you want to make your weed go a longer way, then it would in a joint roll yourself a fronto joint.  The Fronto started as a Rastafarian favorite, but it’s become almost as popular among New York stoners. The popularity of the Fronto is on the rise, and its use of marijuana is spreading across the United States.

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