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The 10 Most Important Rules For Joining A Smoke Circle

The 10 Most Important Rules For Joining A Smoke Circle


The 10 Most Important Rules For Joining A Smoke Circle

The Rules Of A Smoke Circle

This is about the rules of a smoke circle, otherwise known as “weediquette.” Weediquette is the proper etiquette for sharing and smoking weed in a group.

But thinking about “rules” sounds a bit uptight for chilling with some buds, right? Rather than a bunch of hard and fast commandments about smoking, however, these “rules” are more like guidelines.

Besides, it’s not like there aren’t good reasons for following them. In fact, the whole point of the rules is to make the social smoking experience as enjoyable and fun as possible.

If you’re a newcomer to smoking weed, you’ll want to make sure you know what’s up. Truthfully, even experienced smokers can use a reminder of the fundamentals. Without further ado, here are the 10 most important rules for joining a smoke circle.

1. Be Ready To Contribute

The 10 Most Important Rules For Joining A Smoke Circle

When it comes down to it, this rule is perhaps the most important of them all. Follow this rule, and you’re basically guaranteeing your invite to any and all future sessions.

Being ready to contribute essentially means, at minimum, sharing enough of your own stash so that everyone can take a puff of your stuff. Ideally, however, your goal should be to match what your friends are pitching in.

If everyone is sharing equally, no one’s stash runs dry faster than anyone else’s. That’s what makes contributing so great. With everyone’s power combined, a group can get really stoned without any one individual using too much herb.

This rule is all about karma. Give and you shall receive. Cannabis smokers know that karma is everything, especially when the well runs dry. And that’s why it’s really important to always expect to contribute, but never expect anyone else to contribute in return.

When you don’t expect anyone to contribute, each time they do is like a gift. Cannabis culture runs on gift economies. This is a time-honored tradition.

For newbies, there can be some pressure to contribute, especially if you’re not yet buying your own cannabis. But there are many ways to contribute: bring snacks or beverages, toss in some cash, or do someone a favor. People will notice, and you’ll get invited to the next session. And remember, when you’re the old-timer, to pay the love forward.


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