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6 Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

Keep Your Lungs Happy With These 5 Smoke-Free Ways To Use Cannabis


6 Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

The fast-expanding marijuana market offers many reliable smoking alternatives. Keep your lungs healthy with these 6 smoke-free ways to consume cannabis.

Different ways to consume cannabis without smoking it

Ask anyone who’s thought about trying cannabis for the first time how they imagine themselves using it. They’ll all probably say something similar. Whether it’s a bong, a blunt, a joint, or a bowl, most newbies who think about using cannabis think about smoking it. But today, smoking represents just a fraction of the methods available for getting cannabis into your system. And compared to those other techniques, smoking is, unfortunately, one of the unhealthiest ways to do it. But besides the health concerns, there’s the stigma of the look. The perception of toking turns off some adults who are new to weed or want to do it on the sly. They just aren’t down with the idea of ripping a bong or passing a blunt. It doesn’t match their lifestyle or their self-image. Fortunately, the fast-expanding cannabis market offers many reliable alternatives. So keep your lungs healthy (or your image intact) with these 6 smoke-free ways to consume cannabis.


6 Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It - Drink

Even moms are likely familiar with the phrase “special brownies.” And homemade or store-bought edible treats are among the most popular ways for getting high. Since the active components of cannabis easily dissolve into fatty acids, you can put THC or CBD in basically any food that calls for butter, milk, or oil.

You can put cannabis oil in or on just about anything you can eat. But why stop there? Chewing gum, lemonade, coffee and tea: you can spice all of these up with a kick of the special herb. Dispensaries and retail shops are making a killing selling all kinds of edible goodness. In fact, the options might be too varied for a newbie!

Folks are also taking to cooking their own cannabis concoctions at home. But there is a risk here. Dosing can be notoriously hard when making an edible. Even cookies or brownies in the same batch can have drastically different amounts of THC in them. So take care.

Remember, when eating cannabis edibles, patience is the number one virtue. Digestion takes longer than inhalation, so the psychoactive effects of edibles can take up to an hour (or longer) to reveal themselves.


6 Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It - Pill

Technically, this isn’t much different from eating an edible. After all, there’s only so many holes for putting things in your body!

Not that that hasn’t stopped people from using hemp tampons or sticking cannabis suppositories in their vaginas. But that’s another story (read on!). For folks interested in eating marijuana, but who want to avoid the sweets, there are ingestible oils.

Think of these as a concentrated dose of cannabinoids dissolved in oil and stuffed inside a pill. Occasionally, ingestible oils also come spread on plastic applicators.

Because of how concentrated these doses can be, they can have extreme and sometimes knock-out effects. Consume them directly or add them to your food or drink.


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