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How To Smoke A Vaporizer: Step-by-Step Guide

How To Smoke A Vaporizer


How To Smoke A Vaporizer: Step-by-Step Guide

Vaporizing weed can be intimidating. This guide will answer all the questions you may have. When done, you’ll know how to smoke a vaporizer.

Welcome to the world of vaping

Marijuana is moving into the mainstream. And that’s opening up all sorts of new possibilities. One of the most important is the marriage of weed with tech. And nothing else is pushing the envelope as much as vaporizers. Vaping has actually become its very own sector in the smoking world. It’s so big, in fact, that it can sometimes be intimidating to newcomers. Why are there so many different types of vaporizers? Which one is right for me? Do you know how to smoke a vaporizer?

This guide will answer all those questions and more. By the time you’re done, you’ll know exactly how to smoke a vaporizer.

Why Vape?

How To Smoke A Vaporizer

The main reason for vaping, as opposed to smoking, is to get a cleaner final product. When you smoke weed you’re obviously getting tons of THC. And in case you forgot, that’s the stuff that actually gets you high.

But you’re also getting all sorts of other stuff. Primarily a bunch of nasty tars and toxins. Simply put, smoke of any sort just isn’t good for your lungs.

Vaporizing gives you a way around all that. That’s because when you vape, you’re actually vaporizing your herb, not burning it. Cannabis vapor still gives you all the THC you’re looking for. But it doesn’t have all the tar and toxins of regular smoke.

The result of vaporizing is a cleaner and healthier way to get high. And you’re not the only person who will benefit from vaporizing. So will the people around you. That’s because vaporizing doesn’t produce any second-hand smoke.

Different Types Of Vaporizers

The wide world of vaporizers can be broken down into two main types: desktop and portable. We’ll start with desktop vapes.

Desktop vaporizers are usually pretty big and bulky. To use them, you have to plug them directly into an outlet. Because of this, they’re not very portable.

The biggest advantage of using a desktop vape is that they give you the purest, highest quality vapor possible. They usually also give you a lot of extra features. These let you fine tune your vaping experience.

Portable vaporizers are designed for on the go use. They don’t need to be plugged into the wall. Instead, they use rechargeable batteries.

Portable vapes are way smaller than desktop ones. They’re usually small enough to slide into a purse, book bag, or your pocket.

But that portability comes with sacrifices. The vapor you’ll get from portable vapes won’t be quite as pure. And without as many features and controls, you can’t dial in your experience as much as you can with a desktop vape.

Vaporizer Components

How To Smoke A Vaporizer

The world of vaporizers can be broken down even further. That’s because there are actually different types of desktop and portable vapes.

There are two main categories of desktop vaporizers. Whip-style vapes use a hose that looks like a whip. One end has the loading chamber, where you pack whatever you’re vaping. The other end is the mouthpiece. And the tube-like whip carries the vapor from the device to your mouth.

Forced-air vaporizers have a built in fan. It blows vapor out into either a whip or a detachable balloon. Since these fans do a lot of the work for you, they can give you some seriously massive hits. They also make it easy to pass between friends for a social vape sesh.

Now for portable vaporizers. There are the standard portable vapes, which are bigger and bulkier, and vape pens, which are smaller and look like pens.

Standard portable vapes tend to have bigger batteries and chambers. Pens tend to have smaller batteries and chambers. Many pens even come as disposable, pre-loaded units.

To summarize:

1. Desktop vaporizers

2. Portable vaporizers

Flower Or Extracts?

How To Smoke A Vaporizer

Clean vapor isn’t the only thing vapes give you. They also give you flexibility. That’s because you can find vaporizers that use whatever form of cannabis you like best.

Do you prefer wax? How about oils? Or are you sticking with classic dried flower? You can find a vaporizer that’s compatible with whatever you prefer. Some even let you switch back and forth between extracts and herb.

The key is knowing exactly what you’re looking for and then finding a vaporizer that will deliver the perfect results.

How To Smoke A Vaporizer (Desktop) With Dry Herb

To smoke a whip-style desktop vaporizer with flower, follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the vaporizer.
  2. Grind up your herb.
  3. Pack it into the loading chamber, sometimes also called the wand.
  4. Position the wand against the heating chamber while breathing in.
  5. As the whip fills with vapor, inhale.

And for a forced-air desktop vaporizer, follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the vaporizer.
  2. Grind up your herb.
  3. Pack the herb into the loading chamber.
  4. Position the loading chamber against the heating element.
  5. Forced-air vapes use a fan to fill either a detachable balloon or a whip with vapor.
  6. Either way, let it fill with vape.
  7. Use the balloon or whip to draw in a lung-full of vapor.
  8. Pass it to the left.

How To Smoke A Vaporizer (Desktop) With Extracts

How To Smoke A Vaporizer

Most desktop vaporizers use a similar process for vaping oils, waxes, and other extracts. The chamber will usually come with a piece for extracts. It’s usually a mesh screen that goes into the loading chamber.

Use a dab tool or scraper to spread your favorite extract across the screen. Pack it into the loading chamber. Position it against the heating element and proceed as you would if using dry flower. It’s as simple as that.

How To Smoke A Vaporizer (Portable) With Dry Herb

How To Smoke A Vaporizer

If your portable vaporizer can handle dry flower, it should have a removable chamber. Grind your herb and pack it into the chamber. Now plug it back into the vaporizer.

Be sure the battery’s fully charged and turn it on. Begin drawing in to activate the vaporizer. Pull your lips away from the mouthpiece when you’ve got enough vapor. Repeat until you’re either too stoned to go on, or the chamber’s all cached out.

How To Smoke A Vaporizer (Portable) With Extracts

How To Smoke A Vaporizer

The method you use to smoke extracts in a portable vaporizer depends on the specific model you’re using. If you’re using a disposable, pre-loaded pen, just puff away until you’ve used it all up. Then toss it and get another one.

If you’re using a portable vape that needs pre-loaded oil cartridges, plug in the cartridge and go to town. When it’s empty, pop it out, toss it, and plug in a new cartridge.

If your vape is designed for extracts that need to be manually loaded, you have a couple extra steps.

Start out with your favorite concentrate. Load a small amount of concentrate on the end of a dab tool. Carefully pack it into whatever chamber your vape uses.

Put the vape back together and turn on the heat. Some thicker extracts may need a little longer to melt down. But as soon as it starts bubbling and vaporizing you’re ready to go.

With the heat on, put your lips on the mouthpiece and draw in. When you’ve got enough vapor, pull away and turn the heat off.

Final Hit

Vaping is definitely here to stay. It gives smokers a safer, cleaner, and healthier way to get high. And it also gives users a lot of options. Whether you’re using a desktop or a portable vape, whether you’re puffing herb or extracts, there’s a vaporizer out there for you.

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