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How to Twax a Joint

How to Twax a Joint


How to Twax a Joint

Are joints just not doing it for you anymore? Are you a new-age smoker that prefers high concentrated doses of THC every time you smoke?  Well if you love smoking paper (who doesn’t) but also want to get a tad bit higher without having to take massive dabs, you may want to learn how to twax a joint from now on.

What the hell does “twax” mean, you say?

Don’t worry, we’re here to explain.

Well according to its originators @TWAXGang, the “official” definition is: “to apply hash/concentrates to the inside, outside, or tip of your rolls/bowls in any way shape or form”. So in layman’s terms, you’re pretty much just lacing your joints with wax or any highly concentrated THC. Yes, that includes keef, hash or even live resin. Sound simple enough? Well, that’s probably because it is. Thanks to us, of course.

What You’ll Need To Twax A Joint

How to Twax a Joint

First off, here are some things you’ll need. It’s really not much.

  • Obviously, some sort of concentrate
  • Papers, actual weed (again, duh) and whatever else you usually roll with
  • Dabbing tool to prepare/shape the concentrate
  • Lighter/flame to help soften concentrate
  • Isopropyl alcohol to help remove wax from fingers, skin etc.
  • Snacks, because you’re probably going to get a serious case of the munchies after smoking this thing

First Option: Twax Inside

How to Twax a Joint

The first option to twax a joint or blunt is by far the easier option. Any old dingus can do it! It’s literally just covering the innards of your doobie with the concentrate. It’s better to work your concentrate through the middle of your ground up bud, so it can burn evenly and smoothly. If you’re using wax or hash, you may want to break it up into chunks or roll it up into a snake-like shape and stick it right in the middle of your buds. This way, you’ll be able to taste it in essentially every single one of your hits. You may want to use the aforementioned dabbing tool in order to spread the concentrate around or shape it into the snake. Wouldn’t want to lose any of that precious concentrate, right? That’s sort of the backbone of this whole operation.

Second Option: Twax Outside

How to Twax a Joint

This option is definitely a little tricky. Unlike the first method, you can’t use any old form of concentrate. Rather, you’re going to have to use a sappy concentrate in order to pull this one off. So unfortunately, wax doesn’t quite work in this method. First, you’re going to have to roll the sap into a snake-like shape. But unlike the first method, this isn’t preference–you have to do it. Then attach the snake to the top or bottom end of the joke. Then, simply wrap it around the joint in its entirety.

Wanna get even higher? You could also roll your sap-snake around in kief, hash or even live resin before attaching to the joint. Want to get even higher than that? Simply twax in, and twax out. Sounds like something Mr. Miyagi would say, but we’re serious. You can twax the middle of the joint with wax, and then twax the outside of it with sap and kief. That’s literally the best of like, four worlds.

So as you can see, the art of twaxing clearly isn’t rocket science. Chances are, you might have done it on your own without realizing it. Or, at least realizing it’s awesome connotation. Either way, at least you know the way to twax your joints and blunts to perfection.

Keep on twaxing, my friends.

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