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Vaping For Dummies Guide: The Do’s and The Dont’s

Vaping For Dummies: The Do's and The Dont's


Vaping For Dummies Guide: The Do’s and The Dont’s

This vaping guide will show you the must-knows when it comes to vaping cannabis. To vape is the act of inhaling pure smoke while avoiding the toxins.

Vaping For Dummies

We know DiCaprio does it, but vaping nowadays makes you look like the biggest tool in the room. This vaping guide will offer you the do’s, the dont’s, and the must-knows when it comes to vaping cannabis. If you’re completely new to this, vaping is the act of inhaling pure smoke complete with essential cannabinoids, while avoiding the toxins that are in that particular strain. Sounds awesome, right?

Vaping Do’s

Know The Difference

Vaping For Dummies: The Do's and The Dont's

There are so many different vapes that you should start out with! We recommend trying pens, portable, and desktop vaporizers. Don’t think that vaping is just E- Cigarettes with weird and fruity tasting smoke.

Test out the waters! You might not like one vape choice, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to hate ALL of them. Vaping is considered the future of cannabis, so you better hop on the wagon.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are designed with for use with herbs, oils, or concentrates, so don’t be disappointed if your dry blend is a little mediocre. Also, vape pens are extremely convenient. They’re the size of a pen, which means they’re compact and durable.

Portable Vapes

Another extremely “on the go” vape, portable vapes are exactly what they’re named. They run on batteries, which means cordless and keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle.

Desktop Vapes

Desktop vaporizers are seen as being the healthiest among vaporizers because the vapor is of a higher quality than from a portable vape.

Although being too big to use on the go, desktop vapes enhance the temperature of the vapor that you are inhaling and offer the smoker fan assisted hits — making the pull from the vaporizer smoother. You end up taking a better hit a.k.a. you gon’ get high!

Try Zephyr Ion, which has both the balloon bag attachment or a whip. The Zephyr can also vaporize both dry and oil herbs, allowing the high to be tailored to the smoker’s wants.

Vaping For Dummies: The Do's and The Dont's


Vaping Dont’s

Vaping In Public Places-Thinking You’re Cool, You’re Not

Guys that take puffs from their portable vape look like idiots. Stop it; some people don’t want your smoke breath in their face. If you have to smoke in public, (which is your prerogative) smoke on the low. Don’t be like California Congressman Duncan Hunter taking pulls during legislature; it can wait.

When You’re Vaping, Try Not To Blow Yourself Up

There have been horror stories of e-cigarettes and vaporizers blowing up, (we’re not joking). This accident can happen because of a low-quality lithium battery being exposed to too much heat, or even malfunctioning.

Shell out some extra money so that the vaporizer you’re buying isn’t using a lithium or bad battery. This small expense is worth it to avoid BURNING YOUR FACE OFF!

Don’t Take Selfies Of You Vaping

This shouldn’t even need to be said. Men and women, you have the right to a higher quality of vapor which gives you a purer and smoother pull. However, don’t be an idiot about it. If you want to vape, use this vaping guide for dummies, know your basics, and don’t be that tool that gets his head blown off.

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