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Weed and Whitewater Rafting Trip Guide

Weed and Whitewater Rafting Trip Guide


Weed and Whitewater Rafting Trip Guide

Weed and Whitewater Rafting

With cannabis plants at the state fair and whitewater rafting adventures that have weed included, Oregon state is clearly embracing it’s legal marijuana laws. Tourists can also indulge in Weed Country Adventures, which is a 420 friendly whitewater rafting company. The company’s founder, Mike Boutin found there was a niche-market of whitewater rafters who liked to smoke and this prompted him to start the Weed Country Adventures in Selma, Oregon where weed possession is legal. Mike has been rafting since 1989 and has plenty of experience in the marijuana business so you can pick his brain while on your rafting adventure.

Here we’ll go into what to expect if you’re planning a weed and whitewater rafting trip.

Will I Be Engaging in Illegal activity?

WCA takes all the necessary precautions to avoid any penalties for possession. The companies founder has 39 years of experience using cannabis, and he is well aware of the laws and how to avoid penalties. Since there is no public smoking allowed in Oregon, the rafts stop at a few private properties to smoke up guests and avoid probation on vacation.

Will Our Guide Be High?

All guides remain sober on the job. They are first aid & CPR trained for any emergency situations. The WCA only uses reliable equipment. High float life jackets, paddles, and dry bags are all provided. Safety is a priority at WCA.

Is it BYOW (bring your own weed)? 

You won’t have to bring your own weed because every tour has marijuana smoking stops and complimentary pot included. You’ll be smoking on some of South Oregon’s finest while appreciating the wild and scenic rivers, national parks, and forests in southern Oregon.

Weed and Whitewater Rafting Trip Guide

When is the Rafting Season?

WCA will be operational from May to October. There are two options for rafters: the A.M. float which is milder water, and longer river time and P.M. float which is the quicker “nugget run” on Class IV rapids for more experienced rafters.

What’s the Age Limit?

You must be 21 years old and above to take part in the Weed Country Adventures. you will also need to pay for floats which cost $100 per person with gear, water, and complimentary cannabis included.

The Final Hit

Weed Country Adventures is a safe and 420 friendly rafting company that will smoke you up while safely taking you down the rapids. If you’re one of the people that loves cannabis and rafting this was literally made for you. If you’re just into smoking and adventuring you will probably enjoy the thrill of speeding down the rapids while high AF anyway.

Weed and Whitewater Rafting Trip Guide

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